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YES Program

To empower youth with future skills, community exposure and international perspective in the pandemic era, JCIHK and Wofoo Leaders’ Network launched the 1st Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) in late 2021, during which over 15 YES participants had a grasp of four areas of opportunities that JCI can offer, including leadership development in TMP programs during National Convention on 24 September, Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection Community Service Day on 7 November, preparation of short clips for World Congress bidding as well as a graduation ceremony on 14 December.

We received very positive feedback from YES participants, especially on future skills and presentation skills that they found useful in daily life, and how the scheme broadened their view of the society and the world. 2016 National President Senator Brian Kwan was invited to share his JC journey in the graduation ceremony, which encouraged the YES Participants to learn by doing. The scheme marked the firstever collaboration between two leading youth organizations to help rebuild the society by enriching youth development.

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