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Dialogue with our President Emma Yu

We hope this article will let you know more about our president Emma Yu.


How was your journey in JCI?

President Emma:

Since 2020, I started my journey in JCI Lantau by doing my first project – Happy Hour. In the same year, I had the chance to be the Chairman of a survey that compared the Hong Kong & Malaysia residents’ Happiness Index. The survey was featured by Oriental Daily and other media. It was my first time holding a press conference. Last year, I had the chance to design our signature fundraising product – a multi-layer wooden model. It was also my first time doing a laser cut project. In JCI, I have a lot of opportunities to try new things and explore myself and there is so much for me to learn and enjoy. The combination of the spirit, the atmosphere, and the people here make JCI different compared with other organizations. I am so glad and impressed during the previous years being a JCI member.


Why did you decide to run for the President of the Chapter?

President Emma:

Because of one quote – “With great power comes great responsibility”. It is a quote comes from a well-known comic and movie, Spider-man, and it is always in my mind. The quote has a simple meaning: if you have the ability, you have the responsibility to do good for the others. I’m always thinking how to better the community, which has been facing lots of challenges. I am willing to take further step and take the lead to better the community.

However, due to my current job role, as a Co-Founder of a social design enterprise and a postgraduate student studying a master’s degree, I was always afraid of the conflict in timing between JCI and my work. Several months before making the decision to elect, I had been thinking a lot and had been chatting with many great advisors, including Charter President Boris, Past National President Spencer, 2021 National Assigned Executive Officer Kendrick, Presidential advisor Vincent and all other Past and current Presidents in other chapters.

No doubts that from all the encouragement, I decided to take this mission as a challenge for myself, to test what I learnt from previous years in my career and to test myself, in a situation of no official hierarchy, would I still be able to manage my team as always. I left this as a question mark and a test to myself. During past few months, I realized it means much more than a test to myself but an incredibly special journey that I have so many companions with me. The spirit of my board of directors keeps impressing me a lot. I am so fortunate to have such a great team. With the support of our passionate members, it is my honour to serve as the President of JCI Lantau in 2022.


What does the theme this year, “Do Well Do Good”, meant to you and your Board?

President Emma:

I think for each of us, “Do Well” means enriching personal quality and skillset. For JCI Lantau as a whole, “Do Well” further means having continuous membership growth, strong bonding among members, as well as enhanced branding and reputation. “Do Good” is to improve society through different projects. It is also consistent with JCI Mission: “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.” We want to create more opportunities and possibilities for the chapter.

“Do Well, Do Good” is not just a theme, it’s a mentality and a way of life that we would like to encourage everyone to embody. 

We don’t have to be superheros. It’s possible to do small actions that have a big impact in the world. Every little step counts and by doing small things great, we can together create a better community. I hope all Jaycees and Jaycettes can join hands to be the best version of ourselves and be the changemaker!

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