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Grow with us – The Victorian

The goal of JCI Victoria 2022 is to train up more leaders for the society. 

Everything has a deeper meaning behind it. There are a lot of training opportunities in JCI, and what you have learned in JCI can also be applied in your daily life, so let us introduce to you:  

PMO Speaker – PP Gin Lee
PMO Speaker – NGLC Kenneth Yu
PMO Participants

Project V 

The project goal is to provide meaningful project that empower our members to create positive growth. 

JCI Victoria has three flagship projects this year. The purpose is to allow young people to accumulate experience and train to be leaders through practice! 
Together V Sing – 33rd Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of October every year. The purpose of Grandparents Day is to promote the concept of respecting and caring for the elderly in society. Under the epidemic many “Friends” have greatly reduced the time they spend with their family. In 2022, the 33rd Grandparents Day will hold a concert of communion.We hope to bring a little fun to grandparents during the epidemic, and to encourage young people to cherish the joy of family.

Flagship Project – Grandparents Day

Together V Earn – innoExpo

“innoExpo – Emerging Industries and Entrepreneurship Expo” is the flagship work programme of JCI Victorian in the business affair area sector. It aims to strengthen the society’s understanding of the new industries developed in the face of the new normal under the epidemic and to assist young people to start businesses. The project is expected to promote the reconstruction of the local economy, while bringing strong business connections and business development opportunities to our members. 

Flagship Project – innoExpo 2022

Together V Act – SDG Enterprise Awards 2022

JCI Victorian has been holding the SDG Enterprise Awards since 2020, the event is to promote the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and call on all companies to take action to build a better future for the next generation. To commend outstanding organisations which supported the development of SDGs, and to encourage participation in the SDG movement.

Experience is accumulated through actions. Through our three flagship projects, young people are being transformed to face challenges bravely, to learn as a team, and cultivate leadership through practice.

Inaugural Ceremony – Briefing
Inaugural Ceremony – President Installation
Inaugural Ceremony – Chairlady, no sweat!
Inaugural Ceremony – NAEO, P & IPP
Inaugural Ceremony – Behind the scene

It is no easy task to change the world, but we always face the challenges with a brave heart.

if a person’s effort is too small to change the world, we can train up groups of leaders to multiply our effort

Inaugural Ceremony – Guest – NP Karen Yeung & HLP John Chan
PMO Group Photo

Thank you very much for your support, and we invite you to join forces in changing the world together.  2022 Grow with us! Let’s be the change!

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