The 7th Hong Kong Master of Ceremony Competition 2022 第七屆全港司儀大賽

The Art of Speaking

Engage, connect and impact on your audience as much as a glue stick does. It refers to the perfect harmony of every element holding the event, that the audience can enjoy the event smoothly. The primary condition for the emcee is to be able to gossip. Gossip refers to the preparation work that have been done in advance, such as understanding the nature and background of the event, audience level and preferences, and using appropriate skills according to different occasions that can successfully attract audience..

Project Background

Professional Master of Ceremony is the official host for a staged event, be it in corporate functions (e.g. annual dinners) or social activities (e.g. a friend’s wedding). A Master of Ceremony or MC as often called, is here to present the performers, give a roadmap to the audience, entertain people, keep the event moving and act as a protocol officer in formal events.

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong Jayceettes first launched the “Hong Kong Master of Ceremony Competition” (HKMCC) in 2005.  It gained popularity not only in the MC field but also the society.  It is seen as the shortcut to the career of MC.

The inaugural to the 6th HKMC Competition held between 2005 and 2011 had nurtured plenty of professional MCs.  It attracted over 2,000 contestants to join the various components of the Competition: professional training seminars, workshops, screening sessions and the contests.

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong Jayceettes relaunched this Competition in 2022.  The main objective is to develop impromptu speaking and crisis management skills of the participants so as to boost their self confidence level.  We will cooperate with professional industry practitioners to engage youngsters on how best to adapt and develop the new skill of emceeing online and in hybrid mode.  We will invite top-notch professionals as keynote speakers and judges.  In addition, we will offer various kinds of self-improvement workshops that are beneficial for personal development and growth.   We aim to train youngsters in essential techniques in critical thinking, presentation, organising and public speaking.  As HKMCC was well delivered to the public by extensive media coverage (including TV, radios, various local newspapers, website, social medias, YOUTUBE… etc.), we also expect project sponsors, speakers, supporting organisations and Junior Chamber International Hong Kong Jayceettes will be known easier in the public through the power of media.

Project Objectives

I. Individual Development

  • Interpersonal development: Provide opportunities to participants to develop self confidence and leadership skills including public speaking techniques, time management and critical thinking.
  • Career development: Provide a channel for participants to explore their talents and start their MC career path.

II. Organisation Development

  • To promote Sponsors and supporting organisations among the general public as caring organisations.
  • To aim at organising a successful event with high public awareness and massive publicity.
  • To help in Membership Extension by Identifying and Recruiting potential prospective members within the participants.

Project Vision

Echoing one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), “The 7th Hong Kong Master of Ceremony Competition” aims to support and commit towards the following goals as: Good health and well-being, Quality education, Gender equality, Decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, sustainable cities and communities and partnership for the goals.

The COVID pandemic has affected people’s daily life and is slowing down the global economy.  Physical events were cancelled and changed to the online / hybrid mode.  Some people lost their jobs.  The HKMCC offers a platform for those unemployed to explore the possibility of a career change, and provides opportunities for participants to learn the skills and techniques of being an MC in online events.  These echo the JCI RISE initiatives: to sustain and rebuild economics by supporting small, local businesses and to motivate the workforce through youth entrepreneurship.

Target Participants

Hong Kong residents above 18 years old.
The competition has two groups:  Open Group and Student group.

Participants Required to Register

  • Sign application form;
    • Prepare a 1 minute self-introduction video; and
      • Attend at least two of our project workshops

Participants will be registered via email to: before 3 Jun 2022.

Project Timeline

3 April 2022Online Opening Ceremony

Application of the 7th Master of Ceremony Competition 2022 starts

Promote “the 7th Master of Ceremony Competition 2022”.  All Hong Kong residents above 18 years old are welcomed. They can enter the Public Group or Student Group.  Contestants need to submit a 1-minute self introduction video Participants will be invited to join the forthcoming workshops to enhance their business knowledge, skills and network.

11 June 2022Workshop 1: Entry level (Industrial trend and Opportunities )

Date: 11 Jun 2022 (Saturday)
Time: To be announced later
Format: To be announced later
2 July 2022Workshop 2: Real-life Scenario

Date: 2 Jul 2022 (Saturday)
Time: To be announced later
Format: To be announced later
17 July 2022Workshop 3: Practical level (Role-play)

Date: 17 Jul 2022 (Sunday)
Time: To be announced later Format: To be announced later
18 July 2022Screening

Contestants are requested to submit another 1-minute video to show their improvements after attending the workshops.    Contestants who can enter the semi-final will be notified.  
23 July 2022Semi-Final
30 Jul 2022The Contest Day Closing Ceremony cum Awards Presentation

The Contest consists of 2 parts:  
Part I: Individual
Part II: Pair-up challenge

Date: 30 Jul 2022 (Saturday)
Time: To be announced later Format: To be announced later