Endless Possibilities, Begin with You

Our slogan of 2022 is “Endless Possibilities, Begin with You”, it means that there are developed yourself and grow in different ways through endless trials and errors from different experiences. We learn from our mistakes and determine the area for improvement. It is like planting a seed and nurturing it into an enormous plant. Our members can find endless opportunities to grow, and it all begins with exploring and knowing ourselves.

We walk through the process of development together with us step by step, explore and transform ourselves, our members can have a chance to make a fruitful change in the year of 2022.

With the leadership of President Christine Ho, JCI East Kowloon have organized in different project and activities to serve our community and empower more active citizens to create positive change by the full support from our board of directors. All the chapter members, we have gone through the process with the Business Affairs, Leadership Development, International Affairs and Community Development areas to provide the core value of JCI to our members.

Business Affairs

Members from different industries. We can build up their personal business network through different kind of gatherings and workshops, as well as the worldwide networking activities.

Members can exchange the business ideas, new business model and broaden their exposure to other industries through participation in business seminars and activities.

We have hosted an event with BNI Infinity and Rotary – Club of Peninsula East to discuss the topic related to business networking under the new environment with the new generation to identify the impacts on serving our community. Due to the covid-19, how the technology can help us to develop a new working environment and impact entrepreneurship to our society. The event provided a good chance for our members to connect with other parties in order to enhance our public relationship with different community association. It can also provide more interactions of our members to gain the market information in Business Affairs area and provided more opportunities for project collaboration.

Membership Affairs

Membership gathering is a key to connect our members internally and externally. We can let our members feel our atmosphere in the chapter and understand more about JCI culture. All the activities would know the team who they are being with in such a way to create a tight bonding between members.

We have organized different membership gathering for our members connection with no matter it is conducted online or in person.

February 2022 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering
Three Dragon Bonanza

The Three Dragon Bonanza is a traditional membership gathering event during Chinese New Year with JCI Kowloon and JCI Dragon. Although the pandemic situation has elevated but we still have this joint chapter gathering during Chinese New Year to celebrate the year of Tiger together with a tradition Chinese tea tasting event. Chinese tea is one of the traditional Chinese cultures, it is a good chance to enjoy the tea tasting during Chinese New Year with all of our members and National Board member to celebrate the festival together.

March 2022 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering

Staying Healthy at Home

The organizing committees have organized the monthly meeting and fellowship gathering with the topic of stiff neck and identify signs of health problems from always sitting in front of the computer for working from home.

It can enhance our awareness on not moving around or exercising enough can lead to weight gain, blood pressure/sugar level rise and muscle strength loss.

Our members learned some easy exercises that could be done at home to stay healthy! We all should maintain a healthy body to lower the chances of getting sick! 

April 2022 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering

Crystal Ornament DIY

Learning new knowledge is what we can provide members in their life. We have Sparkly Swarovski Crystals for members to DIY their own jewelry at home.

Learning through the gathering, members could make their own unique holiday gifts and beautiful decorations. This was such a beautiful crystal ornament with making good experience for members to have one of their loved pieces of jewelry.

Members are carrying their own DIY Jewelry Product with happy moment

All our members enjoyed and had a good time at home through attending the class by our guest speaker – Ms. Karina Li and we had all made a good present for us to present our care to family and friends during the pandemic.