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Come Shine Not Shy 2022 –Opening Ceremony 

The Opening Ceremony of Community Development program “Come Shine not Shy 2022” was successfully held on 19 March in a formats of Zoom Seminar.

While March was a critical moment of the 5th Wave of COVID Pandemic in Hong Kong. Although there were many social distancing restrictions in march, it didn’t stop our heart of creating positive impact to our society.

Thank you very much for our Guest Speakers Teddy Liu from New World Development Company Limited and Cyrus Cheung from PWC Hong Kong , their speeches were great for the audiences to understand what Sustainable Development Goals are.

There are over 100 University Students joined the event and they’ve learnt a lot from the speakers.

More about the project:

“Come Shine Not Shy” was firstly launch in 2021, it addressed the needs and the difficulties of young people finding jobs during COVID pandemic. We discovered the major needs of young people including guidance on their career development, and to learn the professional knowledge needed by the market.  To address the needs, we organized a series of comprehensive trainings and workshop to equip the university graduates to look for jobs. The project was supported by private companies to offer internship opportunities to the participants.  We also raised public awareness about the situation of young people through promotion in mass media including traditional press, online social media and radio board casting, we estimate there are over 20,0000 audience were aware the current situations that young people are facing

We want to continue the success. Being the global active citizens, we should always echo to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promoted by United Nations. This year“ Come Shine Not Shy” will extend to echo SDGs through trainings and workshops introducing the applications of Sustainable Development Goals in the business world.

Nowadays more and more company adopting SDGs into their businesses, which is the new trend of business model. Businesses that engage with the SDGs can benefit from new market opportunities and improve engagement with customers and stakeholders, it is supported by the governments.  

This is the reason why we think young people need to learn more about SDGs which may provide much more development opportunities for them to face the challenges in this fast changing business environment and catch up this new trend in business.

In Hong Kong, educations on SDGs are not popular and we would will like to increase the penetration of SDGs knowledge to our future leaders. And this is the reason why we choose SDGs as the theme for this project this year as this will be an essentials for future leaders. It will definitely enhance the competitiveness of the participants.

In order to achieve the goals, we will offer a comprehensive program for a group of students to attend the trainings and workshops provided by JCI qualified trainers and the HR experts. Trainings and workshops will be held in April, they will cover personal image development, CV writing and SDGs knowledge. In those trainings, they will equip themselves with skills which can connect to the business world and perform better in their job interviews. The SDGs trainings will be a gateway for them to learn SDGs and how nowadays business can make use of it. 

After those comprehensive trainings, it is important for them to implement the knowledge they learnt. We believe the best way to learn is learning by doing, by providing opportunities to the participants that can let them implement their ideas into their career.

From May to July, we will line up with the enterprises that has already adopted SDGs in their culture to share about what kind of talents they are looking for and how SDGs facilitate the development of the companies. We aim this program could nurture future leaders with a good knowledge of SDGs, and encourage talents to implement SDGs into their career.  At the same time we want to raise the awareness of SDGs education, hoping that there are more schools and organizations will follow the footsteps to promote SDGs to our younger generations. At the same time enterprises will also benefited by this program as they may able to discover potential talents with SDGs knowledge that would help the company. 

With better equipped future leaders, we expect to see positive changes in our society.

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