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JCI Sha Tin Business Affairs Flagship Project – Project Insight 2022 “Go Green, Grow Economy” Kick-off Ceremony

JCI Sha Tin Business Affairs Flagship Project – Project Insight 2022 “Go Green, Grow Economy” Kick-off Ceremony was successfully held on 9 April 2022 night. We had over 60 participants including some representatives from F&B and other food supply chain industries.

Thanks HKJC Foundation for being our Sponsor. President Nero Chung and National President Senator Karen Yeung had given us inspiring welcoming speeches at the beginning. It is our honor to invite Dr. Bernard Chan, JP (Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development) as our Guest of Honor (GOH) and Prof. Simon Wong, BBS, JP (The Environmental Campaign Committee Chairman and Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of LH Group) and Mr. Ray Chui (Chairman of Kam Kee Holdings Limited) as our Guest Speakers to deliver the wonderful opening speeches.

Another great support from JCI South Key as Co-organiser, Vice President, Mr. Faizul Amin Anuar had a sharing session to introduce us about their Flagship Project “Last Straw Johor”.

Besides, a panel discussion session on the topic “How to sustain your business for the Green Economy?”, which was moderated by Vice President, Supervising Officer, Tom Chan brought lots of insights to the participants with 3 Sharing Speakers. The speakers are Mr. Vincent Fung, the General Manager of Kam Hing Noodles Food Company, Mr. Raymond Mak, CEO and co-founder of Farmacy Hong Kong Ltd, and Ms. Anushka Purohit, CEO and co-founder of Breer Hong Kong Ltd.

“Green Restaurants 1+1” Charters and Pledges were announced by Project Chairman, Randy Lee as the basic requirement of participating units for the award scheme. The recognition will be given in the form of a graded “Green Restaurants Labels” once the registered restaurant committed the participation in the project with their contribution of certain amounts of filled surveys and taking actions on one of the action items out of 8 criteria.

Invitation to register as supporting Food & Beverage (F&B) company or organization!

Collaboration with FoodTech, Certification Corporate and NGOs etc.

Throughout our Project journey, we plan to conduct surveys to understand how customers and the public perceive Green Restaurants. Based on the feedback, we will formulate the judging assessment criteria for giving the recognition of Green Restaurants. One of our key parts is to provide Green Solutions and insights to the Food & Beverage (F&G) industry in order to encourage them to initiate all possible Green actions for their business. We invited several Food Technology companies to share their solutions and insights to see how they reduce the Carbon Footprint (SDG13) from logistics and how they upcycle the food wastes (SDG12) etc. We believe that those solutions can not only help the sustainability of the environment, but also boost the Green Economy (SDG 8) because the solutions can help the restaurants to save cost, or in other words, to make good use of resources.

Brief Project Timeline

End of Feb:Carry out Survey on Customers regarding Green Restaurants
End of Mar:Hold Kick off Ceremony & Nomination Announcement on the Green Restaurants
Apr – May:Produce Videos from Shooting on interviews with participating restaurants
End of Jun:Conduct Closing Ceremony with Recognition label scheme (basic requirements) and Best Practice Awards

Project Outcomes – Accreditations and Best Practice

To create a sustainable impact to the society, we aim at recognizing more restaurants and all other related food supply chain industries by giving them an accredited “Green Label” and awards. Therefore, we will go through nomination and judging periods with panels of judges. We aim at generating more Best Practices for the F&B industry as references through this awarding and labeling schemes as well as sustaining this project for years in order to achieve those SDGs.

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