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“Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition: Registration begins!

Do Well Do Good: The Sustainable Lantau !

【“Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition and its kick-off ceremony】

To raise public awareness on Lantau Island, not only its environment, but also its culture and history, this year, JCI Lantau is organizing its 2022 flagship project, “ The Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition. By gathering our dedications, we show the world the precious value and beauty of Lantau through photography.

The project would last for 5 months from May to September 2022. Apart from the photo exhibition, a wide range of activities will be provided to encourage the public to protect the environment as well as enhancing individual skills!

After weeks of preparations, the registration of the event was kicked-off with the opening ceremony held online on 30 May. In the opening ceremony, Chairman of Islands District Council, Randy YU, MH, JP, highlighted the economic development, environmental protection, and sustainable living of the Island should be balanced. The hiking trails, villages, and ecotourism of the Island are also worth to be treasured. KOL Melody Cheng also mentioned that photography is a common language for all people around the globe to share and learn about the beauty of Lantau Island.

Following are the introduction of the activities and details of photo submissions:

25 June【Guided tour to the InnoTCE of Tung Chung East Reclamation Project】
The guided tour will lead the public to the smart construction site to learn about the new construction technologies. Participants can experience the advanced technologies at first-hand and take a boat trip to take a closer look at the Tung Chung East Reclamation Project. This is the last chance for you to visit the site as no public visit is allowed afterwards. Only 20 quota is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

July【Lantau Eco Night Tour】
To become better acquainted with Lantau and its rich biodiversity, an Eco-tour is the best practice. Led by Little Woods Nature Education, the Eco-tour will be an interesting but educative experience for participants to learn.

July【Photography Workshop】
An introductory photography workshop will be held for beginners, who are interested in taking their photography skills to a new level and learning more about the technical and creative possibilities of their digital camera. We are glad to have Lumenvisum to conduct the workshop for us.

30 May – 7 August【 Photo Submission 】
Photo submission will begin from 30 May till 7 August 2022, the public and photographers are encouraged to take part! The submission will be divided into two themes: Life and Land and three groups: Student Group, Open Group and Mobile Group. The details of theme and groups are as follows:



Life includes the natural environment and wildlife. Photographers would explore Lantau’s natural beauties and wildlife wonders, and capture the rich biodiversity of Lantau.


Land includes people, landscape, infrastructures and economic development. Photographers would capture the balance between conservation and development, and demonstrate the beautiful scenes and precious moments of Lantau, to reflect the uniqueness of Lantau.

Participants can submit photos for one or more theme(s).


Student Group:
Contestants must hold a valid local full-time tertiary, secondary or primary student card. Contestants under 18 years old must seek and submit a written consent from parent or legal guardian at the time of enrollment form submission.

Open Group
Contestants must be aged 18 or above and hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card.

Mobile Phone Group:
There is no age limit for participants.
30 photos will be selected by professional judges for the photo exhibition.

Participants who join Student Group or Open Group can also elect to join Mobile Phone Group.

Six prizes in each Student Group and Open Group, and three prizes in the Mobile Phone Group will be available. The assessment criteria of the prizes are as follows:

Concept and Theme: 40%
Aesthetic: 30%
Creativity: 30%

August – September【Award Presentation and Photo Exhibition】
The project highlight, Award Presentation and Photo Exhibition, will be held between August to September. It welcomes all JC members and the general public to join.

To do well by doing good, please step out and join us!

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