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JCI East Kowloon – Membership Affairs Area

The membership of our retention and extension are always important to the Chapter, which we could gather all members together such as full members, senior members, prospective members and outsiders. We could let our members feel our atmosphere in the chapter and understand more about JCI culture. All the activities would know the team who they are being with in sucha way to create good relationship between all members.
We have organized different membership gathering for our members connection. It would build up the good bonding with each other. JCI East Kowloon hosted two events in the last two months:

Prospective Member Orientation (PMO)

This is our 2 nd PMO was held on 28 th July 2022 (Thursday) at 19:30. The venue was sponsored by The LU+ and LU Plaza. JCI is a great platform for new members to grow themselves and develop their personal branding. We invited JCI Hong Kong 2022 National General Legal Counsel Senator Kenneth Yu to share his leadership skills and business development through the JC to change his life. New members were enjoyed and get to know more about JCI.  The orientation day has been coved few topics and details as below: –

An opportunity for prospective members to explore and share their personal spiritual journeys in JC.

-Background between JCI Hong Kong and JCI East Kowloon ideals and principles.

-Know more information to get involved at JCI East Kowloon projects’, through our programs, commitment, leadership and communications skill.

-Provide leadership courses and value for members in their career path.
We always have a membership lunch or dinner regular social gathering after the
event. It would provide members opportunities to learn, build up relationship with members and feel caring to other people. Learning new knowledge is what we can provide members in their life.

Annual General Meeting and August 2022 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship

JCI East Kowloon Annual General Meeting and August 2022 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering was held in Hilton Garden Inn Mongkok on 21 st August 2022 (Sunday) in the afternoon. We connect with all members, Sister Chapters such as JCI Sike, Taiwan, JCI Mandarin, Singapore and Friendship Pack JCI Austin Perdana, Malaysia too. It was great we have concluded the whole year of events and appreciation to 2022 Board of Directors of their hard work and support each other

We have over 90 members and friends had joined the Annual General Meeting the celebrate the important day together.

Time flies and another year for 2023 Board of Directors Election has been
successfully completed. Congratulations to JCI East Kowloon 2023 President Elect Tivon Yiu and his Board of Directors elect are all success in the coming year.

During the Covid-19, we still have a chance for members gathering and meet in
personal, share best practices and learn from each other’s experiences, talk about the topics of common interest, build relationships with true friends. The August 2022

Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering was held in the evening time to share the happiest past events to members and friends.

We have 2023 President Elect Tivon Yiu and his Board of Directors elect were
toasting to everyone to share his 2023-year plan and wishes. We had 10 Lucky draw gifts and fun to provide for members. During the gathering time, we provided a good chance for our members to connect with other parties in order to enhance our public relationship with different local chapters. It could also provide more interactions of our members to gain the communication skills and provide more opportunities for cross chapter project collaboration in the future.

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