[JCI Kowloon] Community Development Project – Together We Care(港心廣愛)

JCI Kowloon

JCI Kowloon was established in 1965 and is the second most senior chapter among the 20 chapters of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. We aim to provide development opportunities for young people to learn from the 3 JC paths: Project Management, Chapter Management and Training, so as to create positive changes to themselves and to the community.

JCI Kowloon slogan “Keep In Faith” in 2022, Keep the faith and to do what you believe in. Faith gives us purpose and a meaningful life. Keep chasing what you believe in. We aim to encourage our members to remember why we join JCI. 

Community Development Project – Together We Care(港心廣愛)

JCI Kowloon slogan “Keep In Faith” in 2022, we want to focus on Community Development in this year. Community Development Project “Together We Care (港心廣愛)’’ launched in 2017. It aims to explore the social issues such as Health, Education, Housing issue and Environment Protection in Hong Kong. We explored the elderly’s health 一 Dementia with the theme “Best Friend of Dementia 最佳腦朋友”in 2017 as Hong Kong has become an aging society rapidly. In 2018, we explored Face Equality with the theme “Unique Faces” to raise public awareness on the inequality of people with facial disfigurement.

Together We Care is a Community Development project organized by JCI Kowloon since 2017. We aim to explore and raise awareness of different social issues in Hong Kong. We have done the topics on:

2017 – “Best Friend of Dementia”

2018 – “Face Equality”

2019 – “Mental Health”

2020 – “Mental Health of Parents & Children” 

2021 – “Mental Health of Miscarriage”

2022 Together We Care – Pet Emotional Care 寵物有”情”


1. Raise the public awareness of pets emotional care (especially many stray animals were suffered injuries in both physical and mental)

2. Learn the pets emotional health through their behaviors

3. Enhance the interaction & improve relationship between pets & owners

4. Fulfill Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Module 1

To provide a lecture to raise social awareness of pet emotional care and improve the relationship between pets and owners.

We have invited two guest speakers(Dr. Angel Ngo – Veterinarian & Mr. Kay – Pets Trainer) to share some information about pets’ emotions and their experience on how to improve the relationship between pets and owners.

A newspaper with a person and a dog on it

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Many people think that eating enough for pets is enough, but in fact, pet emotions have always been ignored by most people. Knowing the emotions of pets is the key to improving the relationship between pets and their owners. 

Module 2 

To provide a workshop to learn more about pets emotional health through their behaviors.

We will invite a pet massage tutor to hold a pet massage workshop. Through the workshop, owners can learn more about the meaning of their pets’ behaviors. In addition, it can help to enhance the interaction between pets and owners.

Module 3

Organizing a dog shelter visit to raise social awareness of pet emotional care (especially many stray animals were suffered injuries in both physical and mental)

JCI Kowloon Community Development Flagship Project – Together We Care “Dog Shelter Visit” which is hosted by JCI Kowloon on 17 July . We gave a show and prepared food for dogs at Lucky Dog Shelter. Lucky Dog Shelter started since 2015 and is an accredited charity which provide living place (in Kam Tin) and daily care support to abandoned dogs. 

Through the event, participants visited the dog shelter and learned the story behind each stray dog in this activity, which can make the participants reflect on whether they or the people around them have ever harmed the dog. Through the arrangement of the dog shelter, the participants also helped the dogs to bathe and make food for the dogs, which increased the participants’ understanding of the stray dogs through the interactive process.

Therefore, it is hoped that the participants can through this event to appeal to their friends not to give up easily. Because from the moment of adoption, it is a commitment to a dog. The feedback from the participants in this event has been positive and they look forward to a similar event next time.

In addition, in order to support the needs of dogs in Lucky Dog Shelter, we are organizing a fundraising about dog food donation. The dog food is made with high quality and easy-to-digest ingredients.

Reducing abandonment and adopting more pets is a key to protecting pets. Adopt! Don’t Shop!