JCI Dragon objective and flagship projects

JCI Dragon Nourishing new leaders; maintaining a strong bond between brothers; and expanding the chapter are always our top priorities. It has not been easy to achieve those in the past 2 years, but we fight hard in this dreadful time to make it happens. In 2022, we have planned 3 flagship projects as we … Continue reading “JCI Dragon objective and flagship projects”

半島青年商會「我們愛讀書」之《眾虎同心》利是封新春義賣籌款 及 《夢想種子》獎助學金 (Chinese version only)

半島青年商會組國事務組「我們愛讀書」計劃始創於1999年,至今已達23年,多年來已先後於廣東及貴州興建共17 所中、小學,受惠的中小學生超過12,000名。今年本會繼續與慈恩基金會合作,計劃發放年度獎助學金予100位品學優異的貧困高中生,讓學生們更專注學業,擁有更精彩的未來,同時延續為國內教育發展出一分綿力的使命,響應聯合國可持續發展目標(4 – 優質教育)。

Come Shine Not Shy 2022 – Helping Young Generation Develop their Career

“Come Shine Not Shy” was firstly launch in 2021, it addressed the needs and the difficulties of young people finding jobs during COVID pandemic. We discovered the major needs of young people including guidance on their career development, and to learn the professional knowledge needed by the market.  To address the needs, we organized a … Continue reading “Come Shine Not Shy 2022 – Helping Young Generation Develop their Career”

SDG Pioneer Program 2021 – SDG Pioneer Summit

SDG Pioneer Program 2021 came to an end with our Finale, SDG Pioneer Summit successfully held on 13 November, 2021 (Sat). We are pleased that 9 teams of pioneers entered the final stage. In 2021, our SDG Pioneers, driven by the vision of “creating shared value (CSV)”, have made every effort in making project plans … Continue reading “SDG Pioneer Program 2021 – SDG Pioneer Summit”