Dialogue with our Director Noah Ho

We hope this article will let you know more about our director Noah Ho. Q: Question, N: Director Noah Q: How was your journey in JCI? N: Since 2021, I started my journey in JCI Lantau by doing my first project – Annual General Meeting, followed by the chance to be an Organizing Committee of … Continue reading “Dialogue with our Director Noah Ho”

“Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition: Registration begins!

Do Well Do Good: The Sustainable Lantau ! 【“Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition and its kick-off ceremony】 To raise public awareness on Lantau Island, not only its environment, but also its culture and history, this year, JCI Lantau is organizing its 2022 flagship project, “ The Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition. By gathering our dedications, we show … Continue reading ““Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition: Registration begins!”

Come Shine Not Shy 2022 –Opening Ceremony 

The Opening Ceremony of Community Development program “Come Shine not Shy 2022” was successfully held on 19 March in a formats of Zoom Seminar. While March was a critical moment of the 5th Wave of COVID Pandemic in Hong Kong. Although there were many social distancing restrictions in march, it didn’t stop our heart of … Continue reading “Come Shine Not Shy 2022 –Opening Ceremony “

JCI Sha Tin Business Affairs Flagship Project – Project Insight 2022 “Go Green, Grow Economy” Kick-off Ceremony

JCI Sha Tin Business Affairs Flagship Project – Project Insight 2022 “Go Green, Grow Economy” Kick-off Ceremony was successfully held on 9 April 2022 night. We had over 60 participants including some representatives from F&B and other food supply chain industries. Thanks HKJC Foundation for being our Sponsor. President Nero Chung and National President Senator … Continue reading “JCI Sha Tin Business Affairs Flagship Project – Project Insight 2022 “Go Green, Grow Economy” Kick-off Ceremony”

Leadership Development Area

Leadership Training Workshop Leadership development is a set of activities that prepare current and future leaders to perform effectively in their roles. It could improve our skills in decision making, strategy, coaching and project management.  Leadership development is one of the core developments in JCI, EK Academy is the leadership development flagship project of JCI … Continue reading “Leadership Development Area”

Endless Possibilities, Begin with You

Our slogan of 2022 is “Endless Possibilities, Begin with You”, it means that there are developed yourself and grow in different ways through endless trials and errors from different experiences. We learn from our mistakes and determine the area for improvement. It is like planting a seed and nurturing it into an enormous plant. Our … Continue reading “Endless Possibilities, Begin with You”

The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022 (BEEA 2022)

This project is about improving the labour relations in Hong Kong and this is the 8th year of running this project. The key objective is to establish a harmonized environment for employees and employers in order to bring up the productivity and work efficiency. By publicly awarding the employee(s) and business owner(s), who have taken … Continue reading “The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022 (BEEA 2022)”

抗壓童盟 童夢起航 !! (獅子山青年商會 社會發展組旗艦工作計劃) (Chinese version only)

關注低收入家庭兒童壓力及財務問題 提倡親子活動 財商訓練

Hello 資深會友,2022 要身體健康,盡情吃、喝、玩、樂! (Chinese version only)

踏入資深青商會銀禧, Gathering Team新玩意, 讓所有資深會友, 感受到無窮歡樂, 樂而忘返的一年。 

兒童飛龍大使以香港傳統文化參與國際交流 宣揚香正面形象 (Chinese version only)