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改變前總會會長的一本書 (Chinese version only)



JCI East Kowloon – Membership Affairs Area

The membership of our retention and extension are always important to the Chapter, which we could gather all members together such as full members, senior members, prospective members and outsiders. We could let our members feel our atmosphere in the chapter and understand more about JCI culture. All the activities would know the team who … Continue reading “JCI East Kowloon – Membership Affairs Area”

【社會發展組別 旗艦活動】 – 《小手愛地球 – 童畫世界》(Chinese version only)

城市女青年商會聯同香港女童軍總會於2022年8月7日舉行名為童畫世界 – 圍牆壁畫繪畫比賽「疫後。香港仍是美麗」頒獎典禮暨閉幕禮,當日共頒發了11個獎項,分別兩個組別(小一至小四及小五至中三)的冠、亞、季軍、最具創意大獎以及最賞心悅目大獎,另外頒發「網上人氣作品大獎」一名。

Children’s Play Rights Closing Award Ceremony cum Press Conference

The Colouring Competition Closing Award Ceremony and Press Conference was successfully held on 30th July 2022! We are grad to be having our Guest of Honor,  Mr. Benson Luk, “Legislative Council Member, HKSAR” and “Vice Chairman of Economic Policy Committee”, for his support towards our project this year. Also we appreciated for the Society of Rehabilitation … Continue reading “Children’s Play Rights Closing Award Ceremony cum Press Conference”

邊玩邊學5G技術 (Chinese version only)

元朗青年商會及中國移動香港聯合呈獻《邊玩邊學5G技術》於8月20日順利舉行。活動當日本會會友參觀了中國移動”聯創+”香港5G開放實驗室。而中國移動香港派出高級業務拓展經理及一眾代表為大家深入淺出介紹最新5G 發展趨勢、科技應用及人工智能應用。

第34屆香港特別行政區傑出學生選舉 (Chinese version only)



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