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Extraordinary Branding Awards 2022 “飛越品牌大獎” (只備英文版本)

2022 is a difficult year, since COVID-19 is continuing to spread around, there are  many uncertain  factors which make employers and employees confused for the future, resulting in low morale of enterprise in Hong Kong. Social distancing policy restricts business of every industry which may induce a crisis of cashflow break down, leading to closing up and bankruptcy of business.

Although we have had good progress in combating COVID-19 in 2021, omicron variant is spreading vigorously in 2022 which leads to business downturn of different industries in coming future again. To withstand the hardship, some enterprises keep changing their business mode, deliver various kinds of promotion and develop innovative sales strategies. Some of them could survive the hardship while the other could not.

All enterprises which fight hard under COVID-19 is extraordinary. In 2021, JCI Queensway launched its first ever Extraordinary Branding Awards 2021 “飛越品牌大獎” (EBA 2021) to commend the achievement and determination of these enterprises as well as to enhance their public awareness. To extend the impact of EBA 2021, we hope to give youngsters valuable business insights and to empower them to develop their own business with the stories of these determinedly and resourcefully extraordinary enterprises.

EBA 2021 received overwhelming responses from different categories of enterprises. With a well-designed shortlisting process by a professional judging panel, a total of 19 enterprises and 4 entrepreneurs received the awards.

Here are the information of the awardees:

EBA 2021 received significant publicity with 23 media coverage and over 350 pieces of MTR posters circulating around 90 MTR stations to share the memorable moments. It would be our honor to have such a high coverage which encourages us to break through ourselves this year.

The theme of Extraordinary Branding Awards this year is “飛越成就 共創未來”. With an even more vigorous outbreak of COVID-19 in the first quarter of 2022, all enterprises have to breakthrough to combat the hardship. The cloud in the promotion poster represents the past achievements of the enterprises, which is believed to be out-grown, leading to a better future.

On 26 February 2022, JCI Queensway conducted the Kick-off Ceremony of Extraordinary Branding Award 2022 (EBA 2022). Under the restriction of the social distancing policy,  the Kick-off Ceremony was conducted  online. We are honored to have Dr. Bernard Chan, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development as our Guest of Honor; Mr. Dannies Ho, Chairman of The Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong, Ms. Pamela  Mak , Chairperson of Hong Kong Small and Middle Enterprise Association and Ms. Karen Yeung, National President of JCIHK, as panel of judges.

At the ceremony, Dr. Chan shared with us the relief measures introduced by the government under the epidemic.

Ms. Yeung encouraged small and medium enterprises to enjoy the eye-opening journey in the future, taking the lead and be the change on the fast-changing world!

Ms. Mak shared with us the innovative business plans of the awardees of EBA 2021, with which the enterprises came with  new solutions to solve the problems happening in Hong Kong nowadays. The creativity and technological support of the innovative ideas sets a good example for other enterprises in different fields of business. And she also believed that Extraordinary Branding Awards has successfully helped raise an enterprise to a higher standard with higher quality achieved.

In addition to the sharing of different guests, at the Kick- off ceremony, Mr. Kenneth Lo, the chairperson of EBA 2022 announced the details to apply for EBA 2022. There will be five award categories i.e. Large Enterprise, Small and Middle Enterprise, Startup Company, Nonprofit-Making Organization, and Individual Entrepreneur.

Six judging criteria will be considered i.e.

Enterprise Achievement

Business foundation and sustainable development of a company.

Industry Effect

Role of a company representing in the developing industry; its impact to the society, and its brand awareness.

Community Contribution

Contribution of a company in training talents and young people.

Charity Responsibility

Participation of a company in welfare and charitable activities in the society.

Enterprise Honesty

Reputation, daily performance and dignity of a company.

Supporting on combat COVID-19

Awareness to combat the epidemic e.g. sanitation, cleaning and support to anti-epidemic work of the community under the epidemic situation.

(new criterion of EBA 2022)

In addition to these criteria, a company should have a good corporate branding image, arising from its quality and recognition in the society. By having a good appeal, we hope the company can have significant influence to the society.

Here is the timeline of the activities of EBA 2022:

We thank everyone for your support and contribution. We look ahead and continue to encourage enterprises to breakthrough themselves during the challenging period. Please continue to support Extraordinary Branding Awards in 2022!

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