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JCI Dragon objective and flagship projects (只備英文版本)

JCI Dragon

Nourishing new leaders; maintaining a strong bond between brothers; and expanding the chapter are always our top priorities. It has not been easy to achieve those in the past 2 years, but we fight hard in this dreadful time to make it happens. In 2022, we have planned 3 flagship projects as we aim to improve our members bonding to retain and promote our believe to recruit more members.

Youth Mediation Competition

Under the Covid-19 outbreak, we all have been impacted by the new living style, e.g., work from home and virtual class. The youths have not had many opportunities to join group activities for a long period of time and this will damage their communication skills. Hence, it will be worsening their relationship with family, friends, and people around them.

This is a new project we planned, and we are partnering with International Professional Mediation Association (IPMA) to run this together. Our key objective is to help building a harmonized environment for the youths and help them to develop a positive attitude to face all challenges in future. We are recruiting 12-15 years old students and they will get training on mediation, emotion management and communication skills. After multiple training and practice sessions, they will enter a competition of quiz and role play.

Dragon Apprentice 2022

This is a project about life planning for secondary school students and this year is the 14th year of running this project. The youth is the hope of our future, how to nourish them could make a huge impact. As Life planning is one of the key components that Education of Bureau advocates, we, as a leadership training organisation, are seeking to provide knowledge other than what they could learn from the textbooks.

Our objective is to covey the importance of planning your life earlier. Following last year direction, we are looking into providing a short-term internship opportunity. We will reward students who work hard but are lack of family resources by providing them a short but immersive job experience. We hope this will help the students to identify their future career path. Apart from the job experience part, we are also hosting some training on life planning, CV and interview and some other skills they might need in future.

The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022

This is a project about improving the labour relations in Hong Kong and it is the 8th year of running this project. The project objective is to establish a harmonized environment for employees and employers and hence it will help to bring up the productivity and work efficiency. To achieve that, we will advocate the message by awarding employee(s) and business owner(s) who demonstrate the actions they have taken to improve the labour relationship or create positive impact to the society.

This year we are partnering with Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association to run this project and we target to get more SMEs to participate. We are also adding the element of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in the judging scheme to align with the United Nation (UN)’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We believe this project providing is not just an award, it’s also a recognition of a people company. Talent is the greatest treasure a company could find, so this will help to shape how others see the award winner. With the 5th Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of business are suffering. Therefore, apart from the award that the winners can hang in the office, we are also looking to help exposing their business to more audience after the award ceremony.

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