Discover IA area of JCI Tsuen Wan (只備英文版本)

International Affairs is one of the four core developments in JCI, such as world congress, area conferences, area development councils…etc. All is about connecting young active citizens without boundary and that is one of our spirits and what the letter “I” in JCI stands for. By chapter side, the best way to discover IA area is stepping out to meet more JC members outside Hong Kong. Thanks to the ASPAC, up to now we have one sister chapter – JCI Jayakarta and one friendship chapter – JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur (MCE).

About JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur (MCE)
JCI MCE is based in Malacca City, which is located in southeast of Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur. Malacca is also dubbed as a historic city and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008. The chapter was established in 2009 and has 170 members currently.

Outbound Trip to JCI MCE in 2019

About JCI Jayakarta
JCI Jayakarta is based in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The city is the center of the economy, culture, and politics of Indonesia. The chapter was established in 2014 and has 50 members currently.

Joining JCI Jayakarta 5th Anniversary

About 3 Alliance Chapters
Our relationship began in twinning session of 2016 ASPAC Kaohsiung. Thanks to our past presidents Senator Ben, Senator Flora and Brian for their effort, after 2 years of communication and visiting each other, we have signed a sister pact with JCI Jayakarta, Indonesia and friendship pact with JCI MCE, Malaysia in our 5th Anniversary in 2018.

Celebrating JCITW 5th Anniversary

In 2019, We hosted a first official outbound trip to Malacca with JCI Jayakarta in January. We joined their anniversary ceremony dinner and met a lot of Malaysian friends. We also promoted our flagship project – Children’s Play Rights and hosted an event to oversea with our friendship chapter.

We also visited JCI Jayakarta to join their AGM in 2019. We took this opportunity to further understand more about each other.

Besides signing sister pact with JCI Jayakarta and friendship pact with JCI MCE, thanks to PP Senator Marco, we also signed a 3 alliance agreement with both JCI Jayakarta and JCI MCE in 2019 to leverage our connection, providing training, and co-host projects to benefit each other’s country.

Signing 3 Alliance agreement and witness by JCI President 2019 Alexander Tio

In 2020 before the outbreak of COVID-19, JCI MCE and JCI Jayakarta had an inbound visit to Hong Kong. During the trip, they attended our inaugural ceremony and also had a meeting to discuss our plan in 2020. We discussed a lot of issues and many possibilities to co-host various events.

Unfortunately, the epidemic was happened after the visit. Although we can not meet physically, we still care for each other. We keep doing online zoom meetings like business networking to retain our relationship. In 2021, we held our first eSports competition. We have found an eSports center to host the event and learnt how to organise an eSports event. Through the event we have gained a lot of fun and friendship.

After this, we keep putting in many efforts to build up our bonding. This year, we celebrated the new year together via an online platform. In February, we are honored to invite JCI Jayakarta President Alexius Pankralinus and JCI MCE President Valarie Ngoh to lead their board of directors to have an introduction session with President Man Fung and his board of directors.

Business Networking with 3 Alliance Chapters

ASPAC 2022 just finished and congratulations for the success. A little pity is that we can not attend it physically to meet our alliance chapters. The World Congress will be held in Hong Kong this year, we hope that things will go smoothly and resume normal in October. By then the 3 alliance chapters could have a reunion soon.