Dragon Volunteer (只備英文版本)

In view of the pandemic situation, JCI Dragon’s “Dragon Volunteer” started a fund raising activity to support The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong. As you might remember back in few months ago, with the 5th wave of outbreak, a lot of elderly home was suffered greatly, the staff and the elders were in danger.

In march 2022, dragon volunteer team at first was just hoping to take the initiative by providing protection materials for the elderly homes. And apart from the protection materials we have taken a further step by inviting our member Mr. Samuel Li, who is also a registered Chinese medicine practitioner to provide diagnostics and medication for the elders in those elderly homes.

With a generous support from our Dragon members and other JCI brothers and sisters, so far we have raised around $22,000+. The Dragon volunteer team has widely leveraged our Dragon member network to purchase a lot of protective gears with a low cost i.e., Medical caps, Glasses, Shoes, Face mask & COVID 19 rapid test kits.

In March delivery, Dragon volunteer team has sent protection materials to The Elderly Services Association Hong Kong. As there are more than 400 institution members in Hong Kong with elderly care services to around 50,000 elders. It might not be a lot but we hoped this could inspire others to show a little support amid this difficult time.

During the first delivery our President Sam Cheung and Vice President Nelson Ho personally took the resources and delivered directly to the association. They have showed all of us the “Spirit of the Dragon” by providing hands-on services to the community.

With our Past President Senator Eric Ho help, we have extended the service to the next stage. We have help to hold a meaningful and great talk “為苗種苗” with the Young Innovative Entrepreneurs Association & Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprise Association to over 150 low income families about vaccination to fight the COVID 19. In this eventful talk, we invited renown paediatrician, Dr Wong Yee Ling, to share the vaccination knowledge especially for the young children. The talk was a huge-success and we signed up over 150 families to provide anti-epidemic packs to them.

On the event day, our brothers started early in the morning to pack over 100s of anti-epidemic packs for the low-income families and then we headed to Sham Shui Po to start distributing the pack to the low income families to this area.

April MFG – Peace is possible

2022 April MFG is a little different from the other MFG, with the invasion of Ukraine has impacted the globe ever since late February. Throughout the media, we are witnessing tragedies of civilian and military casualties, which are affecting millions of people.

This major incident has brought attention to many people amongst the world to help the casualties, refugees, and people who are affected. However, with us living on the other side of the continent, we could not fully understand what is happening between the two countries. We have invited Sergii, one of the JCI Dragon brothers from Ukraine, and his friends to share their personal experiences on escaping Ukraine during the invasion and gave us the first-hand information on the background and current status in Ukraine. Apart from the first-hand information, it was our honour to invite TOYP Jason Yip, who has worked within the area of humanitarian aid, to share his viewpoints about the invasion, the impact of humanitarian aid, and how the international law could help with the current situation.