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Business on Stilettos 2022: Global Female Entrepreneur Award (只備英文版本)

Business on Stilettos 2022: Global Female Entrepreneur Award
「跟」幗從商 2022: 世界女企業家獎

Our Business Affairs Project was first launched in 2012 as “Female Elites’ Series – 卓越女性系列”, aiming to inspire future young leaders of our society. We also provided opportunities for future female leaders to learn from successful role models. Transcending from the mission of fostering female breakthroughs, JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes launched the “Business on Stilettos” series starting in 2019.

This year, with the additional challenges of the post-pandemic recovery, we aim to follow the JCI RISE initiative, driving mental health awareness, business recovery, and workforce empowerment. To encourage female entrepreneurship worldwide, we have collaborated with over 100 partners worldwide to launch our Global Female Entrepreneur Award Competition, selecting 5 outstanding female entrepreneurs as role models to encourage other females to pursue entrepreneurship.

>【Venezuela】Argenis Angulo, 2022 JCI World President
>【 America】Cheryl Collins, Founder of Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide
>【Hong Kong】Pam Mak, Executive Director of Wine Cellar Hong Kong Limited & Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association Life Honorary President
>【India】Sheetaal Gandhi, Founder of U IN U
>【Syria】Saleem Najjar, Co-Founder of Sharqi Shop & 2021 JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Awardee
>【Zimbabwe】Tawanda Chihambakwe, Managing Director and Chief Drone Pilot for Zimbabwe Flying Labs & 2021 Creative Young Entrepreneur Honoree
>【Romania】Diana Mardarovici, Business Development Consultant
>【Sweden】Katarina Strandberg, Co-Founder of Swedish Villa and Independent Business Lawyer of Strandberg Legal

>【Malaysia】Siu Cia Yee, Sonobee Ultrasound SDN BHD
>【Hong Kong】Mak Lap Ching, 1Source Limited
>【India】Nidhi Kasliwal, Kamal Fincap Private Limited
>【India】Divya Balasaria, Aryahi Jewels
>【India】Sangeetha. K, Shakthiewe Private Limited

Business on Stilettos 2022: Global Female Entrepreneur Award has successfully connected 3,385 participants from 91 JCI chapters, including members from 31 countries by launching 12 business skills development workshops and connection sessions. With the help of social media, we have reached a total readership of 20+ million and have built an active community where 150+ global female leaders gather and share resources.

Power Workshop #1- Her Rebuilding: Post-Pandemic Digital Transformation
The opening ceremony was successfully held on April 3, 2022. Over 200 dedicated participants from 16 countries joined the event. Delightedly, we had HKSAR Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Dr. Bernard Chan, JP as our Guest of Honor and he expressed his appreciation to the businesswomen around the world through his opening speech in the opening ceremony. We are also honored to have Star Ambassador Ms. Coffee Lam express her gratitude for the female entrepreneurship empowerment we did. As well as having Ms. April Lam, Founder, and CEO of Aello Consulting, share with us digital transformation knowledge of a business under the post-pandemic situation.

Power Workshop #2- Her Investing: Investment in Stocks and Cryptocurrencies
Our Power Workshop 2 was successfully held on May 1, 2022. We have more than 100 participants from 9 countries who benefited from our Workshop. We are honored to have an American guest speaker Ms. Taylor Kwan, Vice President of Ria Financial Planning and Analysis of Ria Financial, to share some tips and advice on the post-pandemic financial planning of a business. We are also pleased to have a Hong Kong guest speaker Mr. Henrique Centieiro, Senior Research Manager of Venture Capital with over 4 years of experience in teaching blockchain and Fintech, to give insights into what NFT is and how to create NFT.

Power Workshop #3- Her Sustaining: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
We are honored to have a Hong Kong guest speaker Dr. Kate Kwan, ESG Director of ACH Worldwide Limited, and Mr. Sam Cooke, Co-Founder and CEO of CarbonX Global to share business sustainability knowledge with over 60 participants from 12 countries during our Workshop 3, which was held on May 29, 2022. In the Workshop, participants were equipped with what ESG is, how to implement ESG in business, and ESG implementation in overseas businesses.

Power Workshop #4- Her Evolving: Expand Business Overseas
We are honored to have Hong Kong guest speakers Ms. Yukki Wong, Chief Operating Officer of Mermaid Federation International, and Ms. Janet Ng, the Chief Operating Officer of Trimanson Express Limited to share about the world’s market potential and how to expand businesses overseas, especially during the post-pandemic period.

Power Workshop #5- Her Blossoming: Mental Health for Business Success
Our Power Workshop 5 was successfully held on August 7, 2022. We had more than 100 participants from 9 countries who benefited from our Workshop. We are honored to have
Mr. Chan Ho Lim, Joseph, JP, Under Secretary for Financial Services & the Treasury, HKSAR as the guest of honor, our brand ambassador Ms. Jocelyn Choi, the Co-Founder of Ketore, and the Chairlady of the Hong Kong Underwater Performing Arts Association, and the guest speaker Ms. Charlene Lee, the Corporate Communication and Strategy Manager of Assure Group Limited, to share about how small/medium businesses and large corporations can provide MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT to their employees and even themselves in terms of welfare, policy, and facilities under the pandemic environment.

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