Grow & Glow Series – Queensway Academy (Continued) (只備英文版本)

Grow & Glow Series – Queensway Academy is the project of Leadership Development Area of 2022 JCI Queensway.

Cultivating oneself shall foster spiritual and mental wellness to GROW as a small plant seeding; bringing positive impact to mental health of others to GLOW as alight bulb, which reflects 2022 JCI Queensway slogan “Grow To Gather, Glow Together”.

Project Background, Objectives, Target Audience and Planning of “Grow & Glow Series – Queensway Academy” were published in Harbour Lights on 31 May 2022. For details, please refer to


The series consists of GLOW workshops to discuss topics of introspection, interpersonal skills and leadership skills etc. A series of 4 workshops, being held once a month from April to July.

Apr – [G]: Growth & Guidance

May – [L]: Leadership & Learning

Jun – [O]: Outstanding & Opportunity

Jul – [W]: Wisdom & Wealth

The retrospect of [G] and [L] workshops, as well as May MFG were published in Harbour Lights on 31 May 2022. For details, please refer to

3rd workshop [O]: Outstanding & Opportunity

The workshops was held on 21 June 2022 in banquet style. “Grasping each OPPORTUNITY to be OUTSTANDING and Presentable”, the workshop covers topics of Personal Branding and Presentation Skills.

We are gratified to invite Ms. Phyllis Lo to be trainer, who is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and Personal Image Consultant. Her speech and sharing was inspiring and attractive, such as introduction of Golden Rules for presentation: Emotion, Mind, Body and Attitude.

This brought much joy and interaction with almost 50 participants including JCI members from different chapters and non-JCI participants.

4th workshop – [W]: Wisdom & Wealth

This is the last workshop of the GLOW series, “How To Create a Compelling Future”; the theme of which was “Wisdom & Wealth”. The workshop was held on 29 July 2022 (Friday), acquiring participants knowledge on Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

It was appreciative for us to invite Ms. May Lee to be the trainer for this workshop, she was Youth Justice Conferencing Convenor of Queensland Government; Accredited Victim-Offender Principal Trainer and Mediator; as well as Youth Service Training and Coaching Expert; University Instructor and Properties Investor. Ms May Lee was an experienced trainer who delivered over 300 trainings, serving over 10,000 headcounts in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fujian, Taiwan, and Australia.

As regards the learning outcome, Decision Making gives participants the ability to pave the future in advance; Critical Thinking makes participants grow, expand wealth, develop their success, and transform their life; bringing positive impact to almost 20 people

Results & Effectiveness


The total participation for GLOW serial workshops was 100; in which over 80% of the participants were JCI members, brining impact to 17 JCI local chapters.

55% of Ordinary Members and Prospective Members of JCI Queensway participated the GLOW wokshops.

Feedback from Participants

Participants were invited to fill a questionnaire after the workshop. According to the results, 90% of the respondents agreed that the serial workshops helped enhance self-recognition; 70% of the respondents discovered and unlocked their potential skills; and all respondents enjoyed the workshops.

Financial Effectiveness

The Actual Expense for Trainer Fee of GLOW Serial Workshop was $3,500, which was worth more than $300,000+ in value.

Manpower Arrangement Effectiveness

Only 10 Organizing Committee (OC) team members were involved in the whole GLOW series, while the total participation of the series is more than 100, generating more than 10 times effectiveness.

Brand Awareness

Our speakers are well-known and famous, with their sharing of our events by Facebook posts, more than 4000 people were reached, increasing Brand Awareness of JCI Queensway and JCIHK.

Positive Impact to Members of JCI Queensway

With involvement of being OC or helper, engaged 70% of New Members being inducted to be Full Members from Prospective Members.

With participation of GLOW workshops, 80% of 2023 JCI Queensway Board of Directors Candidates were empowered to nominate the election.

Once again

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