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The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022 (只備英文版本)

Labour-management tension is always a hot topic concerning the public. Employers’ concern for balancing profits and expenditures are often in conflict with the employees seeking for maximized renumerations causing the tension.

In view of this, JCI Dragon launched the first The Best Employee and Employer Award in 2015 and convey the message of the importance of a “win-win situation” and a positive relationship could directly affect the corporate image.

This year, apart from the traditional angle, we added Environmental, Sustainable, Governance (ESG) into the election process. We believe corporate social responsibility (CSR) is something that the business world missed out amid the Covid-19 situation.

The main objectives of BEEA are to:

• Engage and empower Hong Kong employees and employers to reach their full potential through self-development.

• Improve communications between employees and employers through effective, accountable, and transparent channels.

• Encourage ethical employment practices and actively protect labour rights.

• Promote and accelerate the adoption of policies that ensures fair wages and employee benefits, reduce excessive working times, and promote work-life balance.

• Set a positive example for young people regarding workplace culture.

• Cultivate and foster a positive relationship between employers and employees.


1) Opening Ceremony:

We kicked off the project on April 30, 2022. At the same time, we also announced the rules and regulations of the award selection.

Due to safety concerns of the public, we held an online kick-off ceremony with guest speech from: Dr. Bernard Chan JP, Under Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development Bureau. Three of our judges also made a speech, hoping companies can join this meaningful competition.

Opening ceremony speech from Dr. Bernard Chan JP, Under Secretary of Commerce and Economic Development Bureau

2) Application Period:

The application deadline was set to Jun 30, 2022, with an early bird special to entice potential participants set on May 31, 2022.

During the application time, we continued promoting the event through our partnership channels and produced several videos from supporting organizations and previous winners of the award whom shared their thoughts and experiences regarding the award.

Promotion poster

3) Judge Day:

Prior to the judging day, the panel of judges were invited to meet and give comments and suggestions on the judging criteria. The judging day was set on July 23, 2022 and a panel of 4 judges representing different sectors of the general public (commercial, academic, public) were invited to help with the evaluation of the nominees. At the end, a total of 10 winners were selected in this year’s award.

Judge day: All 4 judges dedicated a full day for the event

4) Award and Closing Ceremony:

4) Award and Closing Ceremony: The closing and award ceremony took place on August 12, 2022 with over 100 participants at the event. GOH Dr. Bernard Chan delivered a speech informing the participants of the economic outlook and the measures that the government is doing to combat the pandemic situation. Awards were presented to the winners and several media outlets were onsite interviewing the awardees including On.CC and TVB. After the ceremony, we have set up a one-week advertisement of the awardees at 41 stations and 3 LED TV at the heart of the centre, Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui.

Closing ceremony celebration: Voting for the Best Employee and Employer

5) Employer Employee Relationships Amid Covid-19 Pandemic Survey:

Cross-border project with JCI San Juan Pinaglabanan from Philippines, JCI Nishinomiya from Japan and Friendly Chapter JCI Ikh Khuree from Mongolia were our co-host of this project. We received several hundred replies. The survey result is directly presented to the Government Official in the BEEA2022 Closing Ceremony. Hence, it successfully attracted media to publish our result on the web news platform.

IA VP Nelson Ho presenting the survey result

After all the key milestones of the project, we would like to declare that it was a great success as we have greatly promoted and advocated the importance of building a positive employment relationship at the work. We estimated the overall project including the advertisement, we have reached around 3.6millions traffic.

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