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2022 JCI Dragon Annual General Meeting (只備英文版本)

AGM has always been perceived as the most boring meeting on earth, but we have a different angle to see this. AGM is a forum to our current board members to showcase what they have achieved and also reflect what could be improved; and also for the upcoming board candidates to advocate their belief, objective and drive for running that position. This is also an inheritance of our dragon members passing on the torch to next year board members. 

Looking back this year, “Lead to Win” is our slogan and president Sam Cheung is definitely a great role model for displaying this. He is a charismatic leader within our board; he always strives for the best; and he is always ready to give all he has to people around him. In 2022, our leadership development area’s flagship project, Dragon Apprentice 2022 Torch of Hope, was a great success as we have provided 50+ internship opportunities to the high school students and taught them about the importance of career development in early stage; and business affair area’s flagship project, BEEA 2022, was another great success as we have uplifted the whole project scale to reach more audience by promoting the project through MTR advertisement and LED TV adverts in the heart of the city. Throughout those flagship projects we have acquired around 10 members and prospective members who all come from different backgrounds including medical, property development and sports. A few of them will actually step up next year to take the flagship project’s chairman role. 

P Sam gave some feedback and sharing of the 2022

Hence, our 2023 cabinet members with the slogan of “Create Positive Future” that is actually complementing with the 2023 JCIHK theme “Lead to Impact”. Developing a leader to create an impact on society, we of course would like to see a positive future. In order to create a positive future, we will have to breed more leaders who see the same value. To align with the 2023 JCIHK theme, JCI Dragon will recruit more leaders or potential leaders who share the vision with us. We hope to develop them through various projects and events as we strongly believe the JCI systems can develop great leaders that impact the society in a positive way. We look forward to our PE Davy Hui and his cabinet members driving JCI Dragon into a brighter future. 

PE Davy Hui giving his election speech
The 2023 DJC Board Elects

During the AGM we were very honoured to get help everywhere, therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone. First, our JCI HK 2022 National President, Karen Yeung, who gave us an inspiring speech and also especially praised NVP and our IPP, Michael Lee, for his efficient way of working; NPE Kenneth Yu shared he looks forward to Dragon’s contribution to make some great positive impact together. We would like to thank our Scrutineers National Membership Development Commission Chairman Senator Calvin Chan and NVP Luis Yip who were very kind to devote a whole afternoon to support our AGM event. Also, great appreciation goes to our PP Basonio So, PP Roy Tang and PP and PNP Zenith Lin, they both gave an inspiring and touching speech as they shared some of the dragon history and also their view on how Dragon evolved to where we are today.

Scrutineers NMDC Chairman Senator Calvin Chan and NVP Luis Yip

Last, we would like to highlight our AGM chairman, Bosco Li, who has been dedicated his time in JCI since he was a prospective member. He was super helpful to assist on various flagship projects and also taking up the AGM project chairman. He really got himself into a fast track programme to run for the Honorary Secretary position for 2023. We believe his story is a real case of showing that if you want to get the most from JCI, you simply just need to invest your time into it.

Chairman orchestrating the OC team
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