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The 57th National Convention (只備英文版本)

A big shout-out to the JCI Hong Kong (JCIHK) and National Convention (NC) organisation committee team. The 57th NC was a great success and JCI Dragon (DJC) was very honoured to be one of the participants. We were truly amazed by the digital and cyber vibe and setup at the Data Technology Hub in Tsueng Kwan O.

First day of the NC, we have got quite a few awards in the General Assembly 1 programme.

Assistant Vice President (AVP) Sunny Tang getting the award

Apart from the 3 networkers, there were 10 of our members have obtained NMDC Active Member Framework awards as follow:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

The group of NMDC Active Member Framework awards

Before the Caucus Session, our member Dan Fung was competing in the First Timer Program even though the award didn’t go towards him but he thought that was quite a fun activity. Before day 1 evening, one of our flagship projects Dragon Apprentice Torch of Hope entered to compete in the SDG Pioneer programme to present in the final contest in the World Congress this year. Our project chairman Sunny Tang and his OC member Dan Fung shared the objective and goals of this project and also walked through the different stages and programmes that the project team has gone through together with the Secondary school participants throughout a 6 months period in 2022. 

Dragon Apprentice 2022 Chairman Sunny and OC Dan presenting the project

During the Caucus Session, we are proud to share that our Past President (PP) Senator Daryl Lin was running for the position of National Executive Vice President (NEVP) and our President (P) Sam Cheung was running for the position of National Vice President (NVP). During the speech and question session, there was a little story that happened to our P and his wife which was definitely a very memorable moment. We knew our P was in so much trouble when his wife Rebecca Seto, who is also a JC member from JCI Jayceettes, walked to the microphone and raised her question. As a wife of one’s husband, she has every right to ask about how her husband manages the time with his wife, family, friends, work and JCI life. All our dragon members were surprised with that question but our P Sam handled it very well. He shared that everyone in the hall has multiple roles in their own life, taking up more responsibilities doesn’t mean he must totally sacrifice something else. He added “The key thing is how you manage and jiggle the time, you need to understand what should be prioritised in different times and events and you just act accordingly.” Hence this echoes with this year’s theme “Bridge to the Change” as there are always new changes in our life, we just need to embrace and welcome it.

NVPE Sam addressing his wife’s question

In the final day of the NC, there were a few more highlights to mention. We would like to congratulate NEVP Elect Senator Daryl Lin and NVP Elect Sam Cheung. Congratulate our baby senators Michael Lee, who was also awarded as the Outstanding National Organisation Members Ex-com. To share the joy our P Sam was also awarded as the Outstanding Local Organisation Members President (56-90 members). Last but not least, DJC would like to take this chance to thank the following members, who will be graduated by the end of 20222, for all the contributions they have made to DJC:

To top off all the great memories at NC, an after party was prepared for our Dragon members. We were sharing the joy there and some of our past presidents were happily sharing their experience and path in JCI to our new members to inspire them. It was a great night at the end and everyone were safe at home at the end.

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