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SDG Pioneer Program 2022 (只備英文版本)

Over the past 72 years, JCIHK has been the incubator of many of our dreams and aspirations for a better world. We identify root causes and unite all sectors to develop sustainable, impactful solutions.

Echoing the success of previous years in 2020 & 2021, we will be organizing SDG Pioneer Program for the 3rd year. We target to offer a great chance for JC members to RISE as a Pioneer of Tomorrow and Make Your SDG Idea Come True!

In 2022, SDG Pioneer Program will let ‘‘Be the Change’’, linking up Pioneers for Pioneers in a Pioneering Program. We will help JC members to explore new ways to carry out their SDG projects. We will connect local SDG Pioneer with overseas SDG Fellow in Asia Pacific, and gather the mastermind and real-life insight from community leaders, business and social innovators and board members, and respectable organizations in Hong Kong and different regions for SDGs.

Our 2022 SDG Pioneers will enjoy unprecedented access to mentorship, industry-leading trainings, and project ideation. They will have the chance to help JCIHK rethink and rebuild the community through JCI’s new initiative, JCI RISE, joining hands to make economies and workforces more resilient, and our community healthier.

Virtual Kick Off was conducted on 5 March 2022 and we gained 120 Hong Kong & overseas participants and 8 exchange sessions were conducted. It was our great honour to have JCI Vice President Senator Zolko Zolbadral Batmunkh was invited as Guest of Honour, with the participation from Title Sponsor CN Logistics & 3 supporting organisations including World Green Organisation (WGO), UNESCO Hong Kong and International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD). Also we invited 3 keynotes speakers Ms. Theresa Lam (Corporate Communication Manager of CN Logistics), Ms. Shirley Chu (Manager – Global Expansion of CN Logistics), Ms. Klara Hui (Senior Global Strategy and Development Manager of CN Logistics) and 3 speakers for panel discussion, including Dr. William Yu (Founder and CEO of World Green Organization) Dr. Shirley Yeung, Associate Vice President, UNESCO Hong Kong) and Mr. Angus Yip (Founding Chairman of International Chamber of Sustainable Development).

13 teams from 14 chapters of SDG Pioneers were recruited and they were required to participate in at least 2 elective trainings out of 6 elective trainings held from Apr to Jul 2022 offered by our 3 supporting organization, which mainly focuses on the transformation of SDG movement, especially ESG and the combination with metaverse, imcluding:

Dr. Shirley Yeung, Associate Vice President, UNESCO Hong Kong

Ms. Dilys Lam, Development Director, International Chamber of Sustainable Development

Mr. Herman Wong, Entrepreneur, Music Producer, Singer-SongWriter

Mr. Sam Ngan, Entrepreneur, Business Advisor and Valuator, CEO of Popsible Limited

Mr. Paul Chan kk , Founder of Pauldesign and Shopping Plus (HKSTP Partner company)

Ms. Pamela Tang, Executive Director of International Investment Bank

Mr. Carri Yeung, Assistant Director of Strategic Development

Ms. Lam Wai Fong Wendy, Co-founder of LiFeast

Mr. Lierence Li, Director of Communications, Popsible

Mr. Alvis Tung, Assistant Director of Sales, Popsible

Ms. Aurora Jian, Operations Manager, Omniscriptum

SDG Pioneers were invited for joining Preliminary Contest which was held on 9 July 2022 in hybrid format, with the participation of 100 attendees physically and virtually and 8 presentation teams were invited for joining semi-final contests in JCIHK National Convention on 24 September 2022 and 5 teams would be invited for final contests in JCI World Congress in 29 October 2022 to share their innovative SDG projects.

Through SDG Pioneer Program, JCI in different nations are united to create a innovative solutions and projects related to SDG. Also, it connect JCI with different sectors and partners in society to create positive change.

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