National President’s Message

“We have to change.”

You may wonder, how many things can an individual do? Every little step counts, and here are the tips: take a challenge and go! Just enjoy your journey in JCI, you will find your buddies who walk alongside with you, you will have your mentors who inspire and guide you, and you can see the result and make improvements.

It’s not only talking about changing our mindsets, our way of doing things, but also the way we look at all situations.

We all are aware of the fast-changing world, and we used to forecast what’s coming up next and then to adjust our plans accordingly. Since the pandemic, changes became non-traceable, and unpredictable. What we thought should be “a temporary change” turns out to be a new normal, or even new market demands raised drastically at one night.

We, JCI Hong Kong members, are no longer sitting there, looking forward to resuming to normal, we are in the battle of speed – how fast we manage ourselves to adopt the change and explore the new market. From the achievements that JCI Hong Kong members made so far, we showcased to the world that our capability is more than just adaptiveness. We are united, energetic, creative, sensitive to social needs, and more importantly we keep moving forward. When we can apply the same spirit to our businesses, to our families, and inspire more people to follow us, I am sure that Hong Kong will be a better place for all.

This year, JCI Hong Kong will host the JCI World Congress. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that allows us to utilize our capacity, and it’s time to let Hong Kong shine again globally. I have full confidence in my fellow members, together we can share the pride and glory of being a change maker!

Like it or not, we are in the era of change. Behind the change, I see vitality, possibilities and hope. Just embrace the change as we always do, and enjoy the eye-opening journey in 2022. Let us take the lead and be the change! 

Senator Karen YEUNG

2022 National President
Junior Chamber International Hong Kong