Amazing Experience In Hong Kong
Interview with Jackie Yeung (SDG Pioneer – Recycling Masks)
One-stop Green Logistics Solutions
Wofoo Social Enterprises
A Young People’s Guide to COVID Recovery
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  • 海港青年商會主辦的《國際兒童藝術節2023 – 共融塗鴉創作展覽》
    走入商場的塗鴉 帶動SEN多元共融新社區 由海港青年商會主辦的《國際兒童藝術節2023 – 共融塗鴉創作展覽》在3月13號晚上於荔枝角D2 PLACE商場二期舉行揭幕儀式。9位SEN(特殊教育需要)學生與本地塗鴉藝術家Alex以「我的未來」為題,一同於商場內進行壁面塗鴉,將參加者理想中的未來繪製於牆上。 一眾受邀嘉賓進行揭幕儀式,象徵著社會各界人士以嶄新的藝 術視角去理解和接納SEN學生,宣揚「藝術共融」的價值。 國際兒童藝術節2023 未來仲有一系列嘅活動進行,大家記得密切留意我地嘅專頁喇!
  • Victorian- One Step Forward!
    It is time for us to take one step forward, to engage ourselves more deeply, to inspire and motivate more people to join JC movement, to create opportunities of upward … Continue reading “Victorian- One Step Forward!”
  • JCI Victoria X JCI Osaka, IA Reception of sister chapter
    In 10th February, we are honored and extremely grateful to welcome Mr. Kota Uematsu, the President of JCI Osaka and his team in our beloved hometown. It is the first … Continue reading “JCI Victoria X JCI Osaka, IA Reception of sister chapter”
  • Amazing Experience in Hong Kong
    JCI President Argenis Angula and JCI Secretary General Kevin started to experience a day as a local Hong Kong citizen with the JCIHK Publication Team on a sunny Saturday in … Continue reading “Amazing Experience in Hong Kong”
  • SDG Pioneer Program 2022
    n 2022, SDG Pioneer Program will let ‘‘Be the Change’’, linking up Pioneers for Pioneers in a Pioneering Program. We will help JC members to explore new ways to carry out their SDG projects. We will connect local SDG Pioneer with overseas SDG Fellow in Asia Pacific, and gather the mastermind and real-life insight from community leaders, business and social innovators and board members, and respectable organizations in Hong Kong and different regions for SDGs.
  • 資深銀禧、光影25、躍動傳承 (Chinese version only)
    為了籌備25周年會慶,各籌委會成員上下一心,由於疫情關係,所有節目都要有危機處理方案,務求周年晚會可以順利舉行,希望大家有一個難忘的晚上。 大家努力了大半年,幸運地,防疫措施亦得到放寬,由局限120人的宴會增設240人,亦可在台上表演及玩遊戲,更加可以不用戴口罩在台上影相,衷心感謝顧問們及各位兄弟姊妹多月來的無私奉獻。

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