2022 JCI Dragon Annual General Meeting

AGM has always been perceived as the most boring meeting on earth, but we have a different angle to see this. AGM is a forum to our current board members to showcase what they have achieved and also reflect what could be improved; and also for the upcoming board candidates to advocate their belief, objective … Continue reading “2022 JCI Dragon Annual General Meeting”

The 57th National Convention

A big shout-out to the JCI Hong Kong (JCIHK) and National Convention (NC) organisation committee team. The 57th NC was a great success and JCI Dragon (DJC) was very honoured to be one of the participants. We were truly amazed by the digital and cyber vibe and setup at the Data Technology Hub in Tsueng … Continue reading “The 57th National Convention”

The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022

Labour-management tension is always a hot topic concerning the public. Employers’ concern for balancing profits and expenditures are often in conflict with the employees seeking for maximized renumerations causing the tension. In view of this, JCI Dragon launched the first The Best Employee and Employer Award in 2015 and convey the message of the importance … Continue reading “The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022”

Dragon Apprentice 2022 – Torch of Hope

Hong Kong’s Gini coefficient is at its new peak in 45 years and it is still progressively increasing. It is statistically proven that life is much tougher now for underprivileged young people. The saying “天行健君子以自強不息” cannot fully be applied to young people in Hong Kong nowadays as blindly giving effort with no direction is no … Continue reading “Dragon Apprentice 2022 – Torch of Hope”

Dragon Volunteer

In view of the pandemic situation, JCI Dragon’s “Dragon Volunteer” started a fund raising activity to support The Elderly Services Association of Hong Kong. As you might remember back in few months ago, with the 5th wave of outbreak, a lot of elderly home was suffered greatly, the staff and the elders were in danger. … Continue reading “Dragon Volunteer”

The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022 (BEEA 2022)

This project is about improving the labour relations in Hong Kong and this is the 8th year of running this project. The key objective is to establish a harmonized environment for employees and employers in order to bring up the productivity and work efficiency. By publicly awarding the employee(s) and business owner(s), who have taken … Continue reading “The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022 (BEEA 2022)”

JCI Dragon 2022 theme, slogan and Inaugural Ceremony

The Theme of JCI Dragon 2022 In JCI Dragon, we are always eager to cultivate young leaders in order to contribute to our society. As a result, the theme, “Lead to Win”, is prompted for the theme of this year’s term of office. We may have different roles, different duties in the chapter, but by … Continue reading “JCI Dragon 2022 theme, slogan and Inaugural Ceremony”

JCI Dragon objective and flagship projects

JCI Dragon Nourishing new leaders; maintaining a strong bond between brothers; and expanding the chapter are always our top priorities. It has not been easy to achieve those in the past 2 years, but we fight hard in this dreadful time to make it happens. In 2022, we have planned 3 flagship projects as we … Continue reading “JCI Dragon objective and flagship projects”