There is no surrender – how do small businesses transform amid the pandemic

As the world’s largest work-from-home experiment continues during the pandemic, one industry has found itself thrown into an unprecedented and challenging situation. The fitness industry, valued at around US$100 billion worldwide, has been forced to rethink and adjust to the global pandemic on the fly. Gyms, yoga studios and recreational facilities have been forced to … Continue reading “There is no surrender – how do small businesses transform amid the pandemic”

島嶼情懷樂逍遙暨慶祝父親節 (Chinese version only)

兩日一夜的「島嶼情懷樂逍遙暨慶祝父親節」於6月18-19日順利舉行,行程除了必有的又玩又食, 亦有強身健體「少林易筋八段錦」, 加上愉景牡丹陪俊男美女, 令所有會友心廣體胖, 樂也融融!一個仿如歐陸風情的旅行,終於告一段落,令衆資深會友回味無窮。

資深夢樂園 (Chinese version only)


Hello 資深會友,2022 要身體健康,盡情吃、喝、玩、樂! (Chinese version only)

踏入資深青商會銀禧, Gathering Team新玩意, 讓所有資深會友, 感受到無窮歡樂, 樂而忘返的一年。 

JCI RISE #PurposePeoplePlace

Objective JCI RISE (Rebuild, Invest, Sustain, Evolve) aims to motivate JCI members to secure and bolster economic opportunities at the local, national and world-wide levels. #Bethechange is JCI Hong Kong slogan in 2022 and we would like to push towards making JCI RISE a reality and an actively used campaign within our city. In Hong … Continue reading “JCI RISE #PurposePeoplePlace”

Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2021

Result Announcement Press Conference The Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection 2021 Result Announcement Press Conference was held on 2 October (Saturday) successfully at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong Hotel. Seven awardees were selected by the judging panel in this year’s selection. Though all awardees are in different categories, all of them have passions in their … Continue reading “Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2021”

JCI World Congress 2021

JCI2021 JCI World Congress Johannesburg, South Africa was held from 16 to 20 November, with various milestones achieved by JCI Hong Kong. Not only did JCI Hong Kong rank 2nd in terms of registration, it topped the league by the number of virtual grand slammers. Throughout 2021, we have been among top 4 in terms … Continue reading “JCI World Congress 2021”

YES Program

To empower youth with future skills, community exposure and international perspective in the pandemic era, JCIHK and Wofoo Leaders’ Network launched the 1st Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES) in late 2021, during which over 15 YES participants had a grasp of four areas of opportunities that JCI can offer, including leadership development in TMP programs during … Continue reading “YES Program”

SDG Pioneer Program 2021 – SDG Pioneer Summit

SDG Pioneer Program 2021 came to an end with our Finale, SDG Pioneer Summit successfully held on 13 November, 2021 (Sat). We are pleased that 9 teams of pioneers entered the final stage. In 2021, our SDG Pioneers, driven by the vision of “creating shared value (CSV)”, have made every effort in making project plans … Continue reading “SDG Pioneer Program 2021 – SDG Pioneer Summit”