September 2022 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering

JCI East Kowloon September Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering topic was ‘Good Light, Night’. How people can have a good sleep, we should have a good light to let you sleep better and light up your room to make every night sparkle. It could be used as indoor decoration as well. It was an amazing … Continue reading “September 2022 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering”

National Convention 2022

The 57th National Convention of JCI Hong Kong at Dat Technology was successfully held on 24th to 25th September, Data Hub, STP Tseung Kwan O. Every year, JCI East Kowloon very support National Convention. In this year, President Christine all the members in the chapter to attend the convention. We have 14 members to join … Continue reading “National Convention 2022”

JCI East Kowloon – Membership Affairs Area

The membership of our retention and extension are always important to the Chapter, which we could gather all members together such as full members, senior members, prospective members and outsiders. We could let our members feel our atmosphere in the chapter and understand more about JCI culture. All the activities would know the team who … Continue reading “JCI East Kowloon – Membership Affairs Area”

Mountaineering Safety (全民關注 登山安全) – JCI Kowloon United Nations Affairs

Mountaineering Safety” (全民關注 登山安全) is our flagship project of community education in 2022.  Outdoor mountaineering activities have become more common recently, especially over the last few years due to the COVID-19 social distancing and travel restrictions. However, multiple cases of casualties, or even fatal casualties, took place while people enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing … Continue reading “Mountaineering Safety (全民關注 登山安全) – JCI Kowloon United Nations Affairs”

Leadership Development Area

Leadership Training Workshop Leadership development is a set of activities that prepare current and future leaders to perform effectively in their roles. It could improve our skills in decision making, strategy, coaching and project management.  Leadership development is one of the core developments in JCI, EK Academy is the leadership development flagship project of JCI … Continue reading “Leadership Development Area”

Endless Possibilities, Begin with You

Our slogan of 2022 is “Endless Possibilities, Begin with You”, it means that there are developed yourself and grow in different ways through endless trials and errors from different experiences. We learn from our mistakes and determine the area for improvement. It is like planting a seed and nurturing it into an enormous plant. Our … Continue reading “Endless Possibilities, Begin with You”

EK Academy

Officers Training Camp is one of the most fundamental training workshops for all the upcoming officers and board members. It does not only give out the essential knowledge of an officer. It also creates a chance to build stronger bonding within the team. This year we invited some of our Past Presidents to be our … Continue reading “EK Academy”

December 2021 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering and Awards Ceremony

Recognition is a very important area in JC organization. It is an area where people are acknowledged for their performance in internal and external. The Awards Ceremony is the moment to acknowledge and appreciate members of JCI East Kowloon on their efforts in a fair and timely manner. JCI is a leadership training platform which … Continue reading “December 2021 Monthly Meeting and Fellowship Gathering and Awards Ceremony”