Mountaineering Safety (全民關注 登山安全) – JCI Kowloon United Nations Affairs

Mountaineering Safety” (全民關注 登山安全) is our flagship project of community education in 2022. 

Outdoor mountaineering activities have become more common recently, especially over the last few years due to the COVID-19 social distancing and travel restrictions. However, multiple cases of casualties, or even fatal casualties, took place while people enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing and mountain stream wading. As such, we host an event to raise awareness and create impact to our communities by way of empowering them with knowledge and survival skills in case of emergencies, hoping that the number of tragedies will be reduced. 

Left: Project Chairman Tivon Yiu, National President Senator Karen Yeung,
GOH Dr. Louie Hung Tak, Lobo and JCI East Kowloon President Christine Ho

We invited Seven speakers who shared their knowledge and experiences in mountaineering and related activities
Guest of Honour & Speaker:
Senior Lecturer, Department of Health and Physical Education, The Education University of Hong Kong – Dr. Louie Hung Tak, Lobo
Honourable Speaker:
Associate Vice President, UNESCO, HK Association Hong Kong – Dr. YEUNG Mo Ching, Shirley

A trainer of rock climbing and a senior officer of St. John Ambulance Brigade – Dr. HUI Siu Hong, Louis

Experienced wilderness rescuer – Mr. NG Cheuk Hung

Mr. Chow holds nursing licence in various countries – Mr. CHOW Chiu Wing, Louis

Senior citizens who recently made headline news in the sports world for conquering the Mount Everest – Dr. HO Suk Chu, Stella and Mr Wong Yim Leung
In associating with the United Nations, we publicised to the public that this project is planned along the 4 areas of their 17 SDGs

  • SDG#3 Good Health and Well – Being  
  • SDG#4 Quality Education  
  • SDG#15 Life on Land 
  • SDG#17 Partnership for the Goals 

The event was sharing by Head of Mountain Rescue Company of Civil Aid Services, and discussion forum was interviewing a couple (Mr. Wong Yim Leung and Dr. Wong Ho Shuk Chu), aged 60+, who made news internationally for conquering Mount Everest recently, facing hazardous weather conditions with only a few hundred meters to the top. They courageously abandoned their plan for safety purpose. Other reputable climbers may join in, subject to confirmation. 

Simultaneously, members of Civil Aid Services displayed useful equipments for mountaineers, with on-site demonstrations on how to make use of these equipments to safeguard themselves from accidental injuries. These members will also demonstrate self- assist basic first aid methods for people without first aid training. 

On Event Day, the spirit is high for our new members who have never been participated in organizing a function in a large atrium of a commercial mall, with on-lookers staying around. This is a good learning process and the most willing to show them the right way on the spot. 

Mountaineering is increasing number of accidents; some are fatal and have happened several months priority to the launching of our project. Through the launching of this project, JCI East Kowloon has make our name better known amongst mountaineering sportsmen, and those concerned about public safety. We made use of this opportunity to introduce our existence (as well as JCI at large) to thousands of volunteers through our working partner, the Agency for Volunteer Service (AVS). 

This will improve the members of leadership skill and widen their scope in volunteer service. 

Mountaineering has always been a popular outdoor activity in Hong Kong given the large number of country parks in the city. The skills developed by young people throughout the life of this project will benefit them in long term. New members bring their own friends to the project as helpers, as well as to contribute and get to know more mountaineering safety for their self-awareness. We always work by month and play hard together to create positive change.