Leadership Development Area

Leadership Training Workshop

Leadership development is a set of activities that prepare current and future leaders to perform effectively in their roles. It could improve our skills in decision making, strategy, coaching and project management.  Leadership development is one of the core developments in JCI, EK Academy is the leadership development flagship project of JCI East Kowloon since 2020. This year of 2022, we have organised 2022 EK Academy – Master Class for our members and young active citizens.

2022 EK Academy – Master Class

This is included six-session online learning workshop, which will be conducted by professional experience guest speakers from different areas on learning soft skills. Such as networking, stress, time management, negotiation, personal styling and nutrition.  Our guest speakers will share their experiences and help our members to become a better self! No matter who one is, we believe that we are willing to be open minded to learn and want to become a future leader, this workshop is suitable for them!

The aims of the EK Academy – Master Class is to develop members’ potential on leadership and management skills. The topic of the sessions is included ‘Build Your Elite Network’, ‘Manage Your Stress Well’, ‘Manage Your Time Well’, ‘Practical Negotiation’, ‘Good Food Good Mood’ and ‘Inside Our Style’.

Building and nurturing a network is one of the most powerful things that you can do to support your career advancement. Each of the sessions focused on different useful tools, but not only for our daily life. But also, for our professional development to facilitate our members to become an active citizen to serve our community.

We have hosted the leadership workshop together with JCI Kowloon and JCI Lion Rock for our members.

JCI Kowloon x JCI Lion Rock x JCI East Kowloon – JCI Effective Leadership

Leadership is the most valuable training in JCI. By giving in different kind of training, we are always on the pathway to become a great trainer or a top leader. To start a successful leader journey is where our members could build our knowledge, experiences and prepare ourselves to develop for the next level of life.

It is the skill set of leadership to motive and communication with a group of people towards to achieve a common goal and prepared well of ourselves.

As a result, our members can learn how to lead in local, national, and global level. The course could provide us to become a future leader and develop our strengths in different performance.

Besides, we have also co-hosted the leadership workshop with JCI Victoria, JCI Island and JCI Tsuen Wan which focus on personality career.

Personality Career Workshop Self Discovery: How to align your Personality with your career?

Personality is the part of us that influences our behaviours, relationships with others, and performance in all aspects of our lives. But do you know how it works and why we become who we are today?

Finding a fulfilling career can come down to your personality, way of thinking about things, and interactions with others.

Through organizing such projects, members care and serve our society while on the other hand, enrich their exposure and experience by taking up a totally different responsibility from their daytime career.

We provide workshops to share the knowledge and skill with members that could benefit their career and JCI life. We provide fully support to those who are eager to learn and look for opportunities to improve themselves in JC supervising skill in training. 

We believed that we are here to develop young leaders, to empower our young active citizens to have a change of their life journey.