[JCI Kowloon] Leadership Development Flagship Project – Leaders of Leaders

JCI Kowloon was established in 1965 and is the second most senior chapter among the 20 chapters of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. We aim to provide development opportunities for young people to learn from the 3 JC paths: Project Management, Chapter Management and Training, so as to create positive changes to themselves and to the community.

JCI Kowloon slogan “Keep In Faith” in 2022, Keep the faith and to do what you believe in. Faith gives us purpose and meaningful life. Keep chasing what you believe in. We aims to encourage our members to remember why we join in JCI.

In 2022 , we want to focus on leadership development this year. We provide internal training for our JCI Kowloon members, to strengthen their soft skill and hard skill to encourage, engage and equip JCI Kowloon members to become Elite trainers and nurture and empower young generations to be future leaders for serving the community and creating positive change.

We have FIVE members to join as Elite Trainers , Full members and senior members. A successful project is to connect members all together.

We have invited Past President Senator Joel Li from JCI Apex to be our head trainer this year. We have started the internal training from April to June, and adding up mentors into trainer team to take care of our Elite Leaders with training period.  

“Leaders of Leaders”(青少年領袖培訓計劃) – a leadership development project which aims to engage and equip members to become New Elite Leaders and to nurture the young generation as future leaders for serving the community and creating positive change.

Module 1 : JCI members trained as Elite Leaders (April to June)

We provide internal training to enhance their skills in leadership, project planning, and supervising project and management skills. At the same time, we engage members to attend JCI official course. Provide opportunities to our trainers to gain training experience. Elite Trainers prepare, design and execute the training to young participants.

Module 2 : Recruit and Develop young leaders( May to June)

Recruit young participants who seek self-development ,benefit and explore for their careers. To deliver JCI value to external young leaders.

Module 3 : Elite Leaders deliver training to young leaders.(Training workshops for young leaders) (18thJune / 26th June / 3rd July )

Elite Trainers provide a series of training to teach young participants how to be a leader. Separating a few sessions of training to young participants. Through the training sessions, we use it to deliver JCI value and background to external participants. Including the soft skills and hard skills.

Module 4 : After training, young leaders design community project proposals(23rd July)

Young participants plan projects related to the theme. Elite members will act as supervising officers to provide guidance. Young participants present their ideas after these session training and project development. We co-operate with different green living / recycle organizations and invited them to be judge for the award ceremony. The winner group could be representing their project proposal to public after one month.  

Module 5 : Launch the community projects to public (young leaders’ projects roll out July to Aug)

The group with the most outstanding idea will be offered opportunities to implement the project. Young participants will learn from different roles in the project implementation.  We aims to get more attention from external sources to know more about JCI Platform . Project core value is to develop young future leaders throughout our training programs which can benefit for their own career development in their future and create positive change. Leaders of Leaders is a sustainable project for JCI Kowloon and JCI Hong Kong, is a way to promote JCI platform to external.