LEAD to the Future- Developing young people’s future skills.

Initiated by JCI Island, “LEAD to the Future” is our 2022 flagship project designed for developing young people’s future skills, nurturing their business sense and building up their better understanding in the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) opportunities.   The project concept comes from the Top Ten Skills of 2025 (e.g. problem solving, self management, working … Continue reading “LEAD to the Future- Developing young people’s future skills.”

[LEAD to the Future 未來先行者] 圓滿結束 (Chinese version only)

「LEAD to the Future未來先行者」是港島青年商會2022年度其中一項全新旗艦工作計劃,並得到招商證券國際有限公司、招商局集團香港青年聯合會冠名贊助,由九龍總商會以及佛山工商聯合會共同協辦及贊助,加上得到香港各大專院校,以及民政事務總署的鼎力支持,活動才得以成功舉辦。

Sports Challenge 2022 – BE THE CHANGE (Chinese version only)

Sports Challenge 2022目的是為各位會友提供共同參與的機會,在繁忙的都市生活中,一同享受運動中揮灑的汗水和辛勞後的健康成果。

香港人。香港事。濃情香港事。O! Love Story (Chinese version only)


Future Ready Education

“Future Ready Education 2022” is one of the new International Affairs and Community Development project launched by JCI Island. We deeply understand that Hong Kong parents are highly concerned about their child education and want their child to be successful in the future. In this connection, JCI Island would like to achieve the following objectives … Continue reading “Future Ready Education”