National Convention 2022

The 57th National Convention of JCI Hong Kong at Dat Technology was successfully held on 24th to 25th September, Data Hub, STP Tseung Kwan O. Every year, JCI East Kowloon very support National Convention. In this year, President Christine all the members in the chapter to attend the convention. We have 14 members to join with the Conference which is a significant number.

Guest of Honor we have HKSAR delegates, Alice MAK Mei-Kuen, SBS, JP, Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs. She mentioned we need to contribute a positive change into the society. JCI is a leading youth association in Hong Kong, she believed JCI can create a big impact in Hong Kong. This gives us a direction on the youth development on coming year. We are going to connect with local district for the corporation in 2023.

Keynote speech by Mr. Brian Cha, CEO of BCM for sharing his business ideas and his success in entrepreneurship. He used RISE (Rebuild, Invest, Sustain, Evolve) to explain with his idea. Which motivates us to big the impact, challenge ourselves and sustain the society. This idea also helps us to review on our business with different insight.

JCI East Kowloon also qualified into quarter-final competition of SDG project presentation, President Elect Tivon Yiu led the team to introduce of United Nation Flagship project – Mountaineering Safety as the topic of sharing. The project well used of SDG goals 3, 4, 15, and 17 to educate citizens the importance of health-being. Unfortunately, we haven’t into Semi-final round. It is a good experience for JCI East Kowloon to stand in the public to present what we have.

Awards Ceremony

It is a program in National Conventional to recognize all chapters, chapters president, members to contribute to the society, JCI HK or own chapters. Each members paid a lot in the past year and thus they are honored to have award and recognition.

This year, we have Five members to awarded active member award this year which 80% of them are going to be the board of director in 203.

We have two SDG Pioneers be awarded. We have Tivon and Lucas helps to promote SDG Goals into the chapter and see how it helps projects in the future.

We have two members to gain Networker awards. President Christine and President Elect Tivon are well prepared to input new resources and members into the chapters. They are well planned for developing the chapters to grow bigger.

We have three members received appreciated from NOM for being bidbook judges. We have 1 member involved in the NC project. It is a good experience to link with NOM by different projects. It is a good chance to know the operation style of NOM and cooperation with another chapter member, so we can improve, learn and to be better. JCI East Kowloon was awarded Presidential Award of Appreciation this year, we have finished one bid-book while they project is completed very successfully.

JCI East Kowloon members

JCI East Kowloon contributes to the NOM and Society each year. Our project Mountaineering Safety have created impact to more than thousands of people. We hope our projects can create safety awareness in the public, provoke health-being activities. Therefore, the number of accidents due to mountaineering, hiking would be less. Moreover, our project EK Academy have involved six speakers this year. We created a platform for the youth to develop, enhance skills in different aspect. To sustain the projects, we are going to connect with more parties in the society next year. So that the youth can receive different trainings and knowledge outside academy school. Those skills are practical, helpful in their job, we hope it can help them to grow successfully.