Business Affairs Flagship Project – Business to the Power N

“Business to the Power N” is Business Affairs Flagship Project. It aims at providing a platform for new entrepreneurs to strengthen their knowledge of market updates and business networking since 2018. It provides a pioneering business platform to new entrepreneurs and aims to foster entrepreneurship and market intelligence. In the past few years, we have organized workshops, business gathering, press conference and mainland tour to provide the markets updates to the entrepreneurs. They learned how to operate their company better and had the opportunity to explore the development in Mainland China and build up their network.

Ride on the Development Plan for Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Business to the Power N project in 2019 opens the eyes of members and young entrepreneurs, connects them with opportunities in business startup and Greater Bay Area.

To seize the opportunities created by the Greater Bay Area initiative, this year Business Affairs team organized a one-day field trip on 19 July to visit two start-up companies in Shenzhen. The first stop of the tour was visiting NOA Labs, a company that focused on IoT and innovative product development. In the afternoon we visited HoneyGIRL, an online shoe retail business which achieve a high sales volume over the years. The field trip included interactive presentation and sharing from the founders and networking opportunities. The luncheon provided a great chance for participants to mingle and have a more in-depth idea exchange for business with the CEO of NOA Labs.

In 2020, we are going to explore the opportunities in Vietnam, one of the most dynamic emerging countries. Vietnam has enjoyed rapid economic growth in the East Asia region and a beneficiary of the Belt and Road Initiative. This project aims to provide an overview of the current economic situation in Vietnam, as well as the factors to be considered when investing in Vietnam and doing business there.


Two forums will be held in July and September respectively. Professionals and investors with extensive experience in Vietnam and ASEAN countries will share their knowledge and expertise with participants. Topics include introduction to Vietnam; its investment opportunities, business potentials and associated risks; and the latest policies for doing business.

Overall, the event received positive feedback from participants in general. It enabled participants to get first-hand experience of doing business in Greater Bay Area; to understand the opportunities and the challenges faced by start-up business; the innovation and product development cycle; the strategies of branding and marketing; the use of big data for analysis; and the trend of online business. Besides, it fostered closer relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China and create business opportunities.

Business to the Power N project objectives are provide workshop/seminar to enhance knowledge and skills related to start up business or new business model.

To Share successful stories of start up business, and connection for the start-up business.

To provide a platform “Slack” for business networking between members in JCI Kowloon and sister chapters.

Slack is an online platform for JCI Kowloon members only. To enhance the business network out of Hong Kong. (to be globalize )

We co-operate with youth development organization for exposure more business opportunities.

Module 1 :

To provide a foundation lecture about how to apply funding for own business.

  • Apply for funding introduction for start-up business , held this session at monthly fellowship gathering.

Module 2 :

Design a proposal for start-up business at Greater Bay / apply others funding

  • After the module 1 , to teach how to write a proposal to apply funding
  • start- up business owner , prepare a proposal for funding application  in a month

Module 3 :

Online marketing seminar and business exchange with sister chapter Pan Mac JC

  • To provide an online seminar  with sister chapter
  • Exposure the business opportunities out of Hong Kong
  • To provide business exchange forum

We aims to provide series of workshops and seminar to participants and members this year. To encourage our members to experience more about JCI value.