Grow & Glow Series - Queensway Academy

Grow & Glow Series – Queensway Academy (Continued)

Grow & Glow Series – Queensway Academy is the project of Leadership Development Area of 2022 JCI Queensway. Cultivating oneself shall foster spiritual and mental wellness to GROW as a small plant seeding; bringing positive impact to mental health of others to GLOW as alight bulb, which reflects 2022 JCI Queensway slogan “Grow To Gather, … Continue reading “Grow & Glow Series – Queensway Academy (Continued)”

Extraordinary Branding Awards 2022 “飛越品牌大獎”

Extraordinary Branding Awards 2022 (EBA 2022) has finally come to award presentations and promotion phases.  Since the opening from February, JCI Queensway has successfully held a CEO Forum on May 25, 2022 with over 40 participants. The forum had invited speakers including Mr. Chris CHAN, the co-founder of E-banner and Mr. Max POON, the founder … Continue reading “Extraordinary Branding Awards 2022 “飛越品牌大獎””

JCI Queensway Fundraising

JCI Queensway Fundraising 2022 – JCI Queensway Teddy Bear

It’s time for our annual fundraising! It’s Teddy Bear.Do you know the story about Teddy Bear?Teddy bear has a long history – If you choose to go by the legend, the American President Theodore Roosevelt who was also known as Teddy was account for Teddy Bear the cuddly toy’s name. This honor was bestowed upon … Continue reading “JCI Queensway Fundraising 2022 – JCI Queensway Teddy Bear”

Queensway Academy

Grow and Glow Series – Queensway Academy

Project Background The Chinese authoritative classics of Confucianism “Great Learning” of “Book of Rites” (禮記·大學) mentioned “Their persons being cultivated, their families were regulated. Their families being regulated, their states were rightly governed. Their states being rightly governed, the whole kingdom was made tranquil and happy.”, it emphasizes the importance of Self-cultivation (修身), which we … Continue reading “Grow and Glow Series – Queensway Academy”

瑜心‧出發 – 2022 JCI Queensway Wellness – Grow and Glow Series (Chinese version only)

冠状病毒肆虐全球近兩年多,各地都出現抗疫疲勞,影響各行各業。全球人類都把握時機同心抗疫,除了要適應種種 因冠状病毒而產生的新常態之外,人們都要經常面對因有變種危機的冠状病毒,作出生活習慣上的改變,盡量減少社 交接觸和進行戶外活動,更甚者,目前再次爆發第五波疫情。

Extraordinary Branding Awards 2022 “飛越品牌大獎”

2022 is a difficult year, since COVID-19 is continuing to spread around, there are  many uncertain  factors which make employers and employees confused for the future, resulting in low morale of enterprise in Hong Kong. Social distancing policy restricts business of every industry which may induce a crisis of cashflow break down, leading to closing … Continue reading “Extraordinary Branding Awards 2022 “飛越品牌大獎””