Dialogue with our Director Noah Ho

We hope this article will let you know more about our director Noah Ho.

Q: Question, N: Director Noah

Q: How was your journey in JCI?

N: Since 2021, I started my journey in JCI Lantau by doing my first project – Annual General Meeting, followed by the chance to be an Organizing Committee of the Prospective Member Orientation that introduce the 2022 working plans of JCI Lantau to prospective members. The experience groomed me to show the visions and values of JCI and JCI Lantau to prospective members. It was exciting to organize a project with committees. Last year, I had the chance to organize an Extraordinary General Meeting. It was also my first time learning from President Emma because this lets me understand how detail-minded the member of JCI was. In JCI, I have a lot of opportunities to try new things and explore myself and there is so much for me to learn and enjoy. The combination of the spirit, the atmosphere, and the people here make JCI different compared with other organizations. I am so glad and impressed during the previous years being a JCI member.

Q: Why did you decide to run for the Director of the Chapter?

N: Because of one quote – “The more you give, the more you get”. It is an old saying having a simple meaning: if you have the ability to give, don’t hesitate to share with the others. I’m always thinking how to contribute to the local residents in Lantau community, which has been facing lots of challenges. I am willing to take further steps and take the lead to better the community.

However, due to my current job role, as an Assistant Unit Manager and a financial planner of an insurance company, I always concern about the lack of time management skills balancing JCI’s affairs and my team’s work. All Jaycees and Jayceettes, including the Charter President Boris, 2022 National Assigned Executive Officer Rachel, Presidential Advisors Spencer, Brian and Vincent, and all the other Past and current Presidents in other chapters I meet, has been selflessly encouraging JCI Lantau to cheer up whenever I join the events of JCI, yet I has still been finding it challenging to sustain the chapter’s development as right-hand man of my senior companions from Board of Directors.

No doubts that from all the encouragement, I decided to take this mission as a challenge for myself, to test what I learnt from early years in my career and to test myself, in a situation of no boundaries for making a fresh start, I try my best to reinforce my team with my passion. Time flies and it has been turning into the next half of the year. Over the past few months, I realized it means much more than a test to myself but an incredibly special journey because I have so many companions motivating me. The spirits of my board of directors and JC keep brightening me a lot. I am so grateful to have such platform to train myself. With the support of our passionate Jaycees and Jayceettes, it is my honour to serve as the Director of JCI Lantau in 2022.

Q: What to you expect to get as you are halfway to your Director tenure?

N: I am determined to entertain people around me by showing my support and influence to new and existing members. I have always believed that self-realization is one of the greatest assets we can have. JCI Creed mentions that ‘The great treasure lies in human personality’. Although people would doubt me because I devote so much time and effort to better the community and youths, I have every confidence in creating achievements with my companions with my personality. Attracting more young active citizens to generate continuous membership growth, liaising the strong bonding among members, as well as enhancing the branding and reputation of JCI Lantau are my expectations and missions entrusted by President Emma. We are still creating more opportunities and possibilities for the chapter. We don’t have to be self-motivator all the time. It’s possible to empower one another whenever we feel drained, no matter mentally or by taking actions. Every little help counts and by motivating and influencing, we can together create a better community. I hope all Jaycees and Jaycettes can join hands to be the best version of ourselves and be the changemakers!