Dialogue with Immediate Past President Gary Cheong

Immediate Past President Gary will be graduating from ordinary member this year. Knowing that he has been dedicated in JCI Lantau over the previous years, we would like to know more about him, especially his JC journey. We are glad to have him to be our interviewee in this publication. Let us see what he says:

Question 1:

When and why do you join JCI?

Immediate Past President Gary:

I first heard about JCI several years ago but was not interested to join. I was not paying attention and could not remember the details. But when I try to recall, I’m quite sure it was JCI. Then in early 2019, I was lost and looking for direction. A friend invited me to JCI. At first, I joined just to meet people, I was told there were interesting activities to join. I gave it a try and took part in some projects. I didn’t know much about JCI back then, just went ahead since I got to learn something in the process.

Question 2:

What was your most memorable experience in JCI

Immediate Past President Gary:

I still remember the first time participating in National Convention. I had no idea what was going on back then. When I looked at the rundown, I had no idea what a “General Assembly” was. But when I was there, WOW! Just wow! Never seen that before. I sit there for two days, slowly getting an idea on what’s happening. I also attended the theme seminars. Couldn’t say I learned much from that, but definitely broadened my horizons.

Question 3:

What were you most satisfied about during your JC journey?

Immediate Past President Gary:

Actually quite alot so I’m going to list two.
At the end of my presidential year. Reviewing the impacts I have made. I’m excited to witness the born of JCI Lantau’s Chapter Tie and Scarf. It was something I wanted to make since long ago. It’s a pity that there are still somethings that I didn’t get to complete, but we don’t get everything perfect every time.

I’m also happy knowing that my successors were ready and well prepared. I only need to give them a little hand when they needed. It’s like watching my little brothers and sisters growing up.

Question 4:

What do you want to tell and advise our younger members?

Immediate Past President Gary:

Be brave, try something you have never done. JCI is a place you get to try new things. We got brothers and sisters to watch your back.
“I have never done that before”
Yes, right, Now you have done that…

Question 5:

How do you manage to be father of two kids and the president of the chapter at the same time?

Immediate Past President Gary:

It is definitely challenging to take care of my little kids and the chapter at the same time. I think it is all about how to use the time more efficiently and lead the board members more efficient. For example, I have learnt how to utilise the time during travel and different fragments of time to handle administrative works of the chapter. I have also learnt how to communicate expectation and guidance to the board members, so they can better assist me to complete the tasks. Accordingly, it is beyond managing my time, but also managing others’ time.

Question 6:

How JC impact your personal and career development?

Immediate Past President Gary:

I was an introvert and still prefer to be on my own now. During the years in JC, I get to meet many new friends and I feel that some of them may become friends for life.
On the career side, I get my current job because I joined JC. When I see someone’s effort and passion when they work on a project without getting paid, I can expect at least the same when I hire them to do something.

Question 7:

What will be your planned involvement as a senior member and past P next year?

Immediate Past President Gary:

As a Senior member, I’d enjoy my life and take part mostly in casual gathering with my friends. But that’s mainly because most roles were reserved for members below 40. I may also take some roles in Senior Members Club.
As a past president, I would provide assistance and opinions but mainly when asked. I don’t like to step in too much unless I see something that must be interfered immediately.

Dinner after the 2021 EGM and election
Tea time after the 2021 June MFG
Remarks by 2021 President Gary during MFG


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