Amazing Experience in Hong Kong

JCI President Argenis Angula and JCI Secretary General Kevin started to experience a day as a local Hong Kong citizen with the JCIHK Publication Team on a sunny Saturday in the end of October. A Visit to the Wong Tai Sin Temple Firstly, they visited Wong Tai Sin Temple, a well-known shrine and tourist attraction … Continue reading “Amazing Experience in Hong Kong”

Interview with Jackie Yeung (SDG Pioneer – Recycling Masks)

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong is honoured to invite Jackie Yeung, Vice President of JCI City Lady to share her SDG Pioneers Program experience and her idea of recycling masks. Jackie has participated enthusiastically voluntary work through different organizations and she is extremely concerned about environmental issues.  1. What make you implement the idea you … Continue reading “Interview with Jackie Yeung (SDG Pioneer – Recycling Masks)”

One-stop Green Logistics Solutions

CN Logistics partners with international retail brands to build a sustainable supply chain There are lots of misunderstandings that exist in the transportation and logistics industry. One of the typical concerns is that the huge amount of waste and pollutants generated during transportation causes harmful impacts on the environment. Undoubtedly, the high variability, dispersion and … Continue reading “One-stop Green Logistics Solutions”

Wofoo Social Enterprises

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong is honoured to invite the President of Wofoo Social Enterprises, Dr. Joseph LEE, GBS, OStJ, JP to share his concept and methods of sharing. Dr. Joseph Lee has participated enthusiastically in public affairs through different methods since 1970s; later this inspired him to establish Wofoo Social Enterprises, using benefits management … Continue reading “Wofoo Social Enterprises”

A Young People’s Guide to COVID Recovery

Written by Victor Chan Read this if you are impacted by COVID-19. Are you not earning as much as you want? Is your company making less money than before? Or worse, is your job or company gone forever? You’re not alone if you are in pain. Industries like tourism and retail are impacted structurally. Many … Continue reading “A Young People’s Guide to COVID Recovery”

Interview With JCI Executive Vice President – Senator Teresa Poon

Written by Victor Chan Planting the Seeds of Success “The Karma of Love by Michael Roach has had a profound influence in my life. I learned that every thought plants the seeds of karma every single moment. Whatever you think, good or bad, will return to you.” JCI Executive Vice President Teresa Poon said she … Continue reading “Interview With JCI Executive Vice President – Senator Teresa Poon”

Interview With Kenneth Yu

“From Social Worker to LEGO®️ SERIOUS PLAY®️ Trainer” Written by Victor Chan Imagine you only have HK$5 a day. You could only afford one piece of bread for the whole day’s meal. It is your breakfast, lunch and dinner combined. You eat so little that you almost look like a skeleton. You chose to go … Continue reading “Interview With Kenneth Yu”

Speak Up And Talk About Mental Health

We have Mr. Jeffrey Alterin, ANDREWS,The city’s first registered Hong Kong-born Indian social worker Written by Michael Au-Yeung Once we stepped through the gate of Chungking Mansions – a well-known complex and gathering place for the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, a few Indians approached and invited us to try out their curry restaurants. We … Continue reading “Speak Up And Talk About Mental Health”

When TOYP-19 Faces to COVID-19

Written by Vincent Pang We have Louis YAN Chak-kuen, Magician, talk about his success and transformation while the pandemic hit us Hong Kong’s David Copperfield, Magic Icon, first Hong Kong magician show in Las Vegas, two Guinness World Records, Awardee of Merlin Awards… Those Awards are not easy to come by. Louis Yan, a worldclass … Continue reading “When TOYP-19 Faces to COVID-19”

Upskill and be the Innovative Creators of Change

Fail forward! To emerge stronger from the COVID-19 crisis… Written by Emily Wu We talk to Paul Chan Chi-yuen, Co-founder & CEO of Walk inHong Kong, about rebuilding tourism in Hong Kong “Hi everyone, Welcome to “Hidden Facilities in Our Harbour” Tour. We are glad to see over 120 participants joining us today…” There is … Continue reading “Upskill and be the Innovative Creators of Change”