JCI Sha Tin 35th Anniversary

The JCI Sha Tin 35th Anniversary was held on 24th July 2022 in Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel. We are pleased that Legislative Council member The Hon. Ms

Connie Lam So-wai to be our guest of honor(GOH). During the event, the member of JCI Sha Tin Gathered together and celebrate for our anniversary. During the Banque, we reviewed the contribution and establishment we made in the past years.And thanks to the hard work of our members,In the past 35 years, JCI Sha Tin had true heartedly dedicated to serve both Hong Kong and Sha Tin Community.

Mile Stone of JCI Sha Tin

  • 1987 – founded JCI Sha Tin
  • 1988 – Charter Night
  • 1989 – first met JCI Wakayama
  • 1991 – signed Friendship Pack with JCI Wakayama
  • 1992 – signed Sister Friendship Pack with JCI Wakayama
  • 1995 – the title Honorary Life President was presented to Senator Peter Lo
  • 1996 – first bid book and project “Young Environmental Scientist Competition” won Environmental Improvement Award – Certificate of Merit 
  • 2002 – signed Friendship Pact with Jiangmen Youth Federation
  • 2002 – the title of Honorary Life member was presented to charter member Eric Cheng
  • 2011 – Changed name from Sha Tin Junior Chamber to Junior Chamber International Sha Tin

2018 – Hosted JCI  Hong Kong National Convention for the first time (53rd National Convention in 2018

Junior Chamber International Sha Tin was established in 1987 as the 17th Local Organization Member (LOM) affiliated to the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK) which is affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI). JCI is a leadership training organization of young people between ages of 18 and 40. Objective of JCI Sha Tin aligning with that of JCI is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for young people to develop leadership skills, social responsibility, fellowship and entrepreneurship necessary to create positive change. Since its establishment in 1950, JCIHK has proactively responded to challenges in the community, helping to generate awareness on important social and economic issues which have an impact on our daily lives. The organization’s objectives are carried out through the Four Areas of Opportunity, namely Individual, Community, International and Business.

Every year in JCI Sha Tin, the President, together with the board of directors, past presidents and all the members work hard to create positive change to the society and the people around us. And their work shall not be forgotten