Executive Academy 2022

The program is designed for members with LOM Board experience. As the pandemic situation was getting better, and trainers would like the participants to have more communications and interactions, the training model is physical and we added remote leadership training model to this year according to the changing working environment.

The training team led by Head Trainer PP Senator Ban Chui made tremendous effort in bringing participants a well-structured, informative, and interactive training.

Trainer team

Head Trainer: Senator Ban Chui (JCI City)

Deputy Head Trainer: Senator Yoee Leung (JCI Apex)

Deputy Head Trainer: Yannes Wong (JCI Shatin)

Assistant Trainer: Yoyo Ng (JCI Harbour)

Assistant Trainer: Joee Au Yeung (JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes)

Assistant Trainer: Winnie Chu (JCI City Lady)

The event was successfully held on 14-15 March 2022 at Lu+, the training involved team building and communication, including some outdoor activities. We had a total of 39 participants from all LOM chapters who have attended this intensive training.

A graduation ceremony was held with limited guests(2 per chapters) invited due to the safety of social distance. Congratulations to all the participants, we believe that they have learned more about supervising and leadership skills in different aspects, that equipped themselves the ability to be excellent executives.