EK Academy (只備英文版本)

Officers Training Camp is one of the most fundamental training workshops for all the upcoming officers and board members. It does not only give out the essential knowledge of an officer. It also creates a chance to build stronger bonding within the team.

This year we invited some of our Past Presidents to be our trainers. All the trainers shared their precious experiences with the participants and delivered practical lectures. The topics vary from leadership mind set to funding proposal writing. Not to mention to have a DISC emotional and behavioural theory workshop as the final session.

The huge success of the event gave a great sense of accomplishment to the Organizing Committee members. Especially to the chairman of the project because it was his first time being a chairman in JC. The project gave a significant experience to the chairman to learn, from the step-by-step preparation work to the actual on-site operation. The chairman learned through the doing. That matches the JCI Mission- “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.”

Our program has been able to provide valuable knowledge and experience sharing opportunities to our participants, especially for those who have newly joined the JCI East Kowloon family and the full members who wanted to take up higher positions in the chapter. Upon working through all the sharing sessions, the Training Camp was able to prepare shape a team of officers that are full of passion and vision.

Leadership Development Area is the good way for JCI East Kowloon members to develop their personal skills and branding. The skill set of leadership is to motive people forward to achieve a common goal.

We carried EK café these two years providing a lot of trainings to our members including team building, Design Thinking, basic JC knowledge that can impact the society. Members attending the training all gained better friendship bonding.

Having served the Leadership Development Area in the past two years, I am deeply inspired by the ways the trainers would help participants to become a successful leader. We learned that to become a good leader, we should develop the ability to create common interests and emotional intelligence among team members. Great leaders would always demonstrate themselves as good models on communicating, motivating and sharing their experience with the others.

All members attending the trainings have improved their self-confidence and communication skills which in turn have help them encourage members to participate actively in the JC organization.