The Best Employee and Employer Award 2022 (BEEA 2022) (只備英文版本)

This project is about improving the labour relations in Hong Kong and this is the 8th year of running this project. The key objective is to establish a harmonized environment for employees and employers in order to bring up the productivity and work efficiency. By publicly awarding the employee(s) and business owner(s), who have taken actions to improve the labour relationship and create positive impact to the society, we believe this will help to advocate the importance of being a responsible employer and employee.

BEEA 2022 opening ceremony poster

We are partnering with Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association (HKSMEA) to as we wish to attract more SMEs to participate. Apart from the traditional marking scheme, we are also adding the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) element to align with the United Nation (UN)’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We believe this project is providing more than just an award, it’s also a recognition to the company that it is a company focuses and values people. Talent is the greatest treasure a company could find, and being awarded will definitely improve the overall branding. With the Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of business are suffering and trying hard to survive. Therefore, apart from the award, the winners will also get a series of promoting activities which will help to expose their business to more audience after the award ceremony. 

BEEA 2022 online opening ceremony through Facebook

BEEA 2022 Opening Ceremony was successfully held on 30th Apr, 2022. Under the restriction policy we weren’t able to host the event offline but instead we have recorded and collected videos to generate a full opening ceremony video. It wasn’t the best way to host a ceremony but we embraced all the difficulties and try to perfect it as much as we could. The opening ceremony video has premiered on the event day and it could also be viewed again through our BEEA 2022 Facebook page.

We were very honoured to have our Guest of Honour Dr. Bernard Chan JP, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, to give the opening remarks about how important it is to support the local SMEs especially under this pandemic era.

Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association President Ms. Pam Mak gave a speech about this project and how awardee can be benefited from this project.

JCIHK National President Senator Karen Yeung encouraged everyone to keep building a harmonious working environment for a better .

BEEA 2021 “Honorable Employer” Award Winner as well as the founding president of SME Sustainability Society, Ms. Ophelia Lin, shared her vision on managing a company and how she always put the benefit of employees at the top of her priority.

JCI Dragon 2022 President Mr. Sam Cheung shared about all the benefits of being a responsible employer.

Project Chairman Mr. Zelos Kan introduced the application method, timeline and the award benefit of BEEA2022.

This year our judging panel of BEEA2022 comes from a diversified background to ensure the BEEA 2022 award winner are well recognised.

Our head Judge, Ms. Angel Mak Daley was the Past Deputy Presiding Officer in the Labour Tribunal of H.K.; Mr. Cyrus Cheung is a PWC advisory partner on Climate and Sustainability; and Ms. Ophelia Lin is the Founding President of SME Sustainability Society.

Apart from the strong judging panel, we also have a strong support from our co-organiser, Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association, and sponsors, HKJC Foundation, Corporate Press(H.K.) Limited, E-Banner and ZK Live Studio. If you are interested to nominate yourself or someone else or to know about who will be this year award winners, please visit our Facebook page for all the details.