When TOYP-19 Faces to COVID-19 (只備英文版本)

We have Louis YAN Chak-kuen, Magician, talk about his success and transformation while the pandemic hit us

Written by Vincent Pang

We have Louis YAN Chak-kuen, Magician, talk about his success and transformation while the pandemic hit us

Hong Kong’s David Copperfield, Magic Icon, first Hong Kong magician show in Las Vegas, two Guinness World Records, Awardee of Merlin Awards… Those Awards are not easy to come by. Louis Yan, a worldclass magician, claims the glory by his own hand step by step.

“Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP) is a historical and essential award and I never think that I can have it.” In Dec 2019, Louis has been announced as awardee of TOYP. “At that time, I felt I have a sense of mission, which is to contribute to community and industry with my talent.” After that, Louis visits lots of organizations as a volunteer to contribute back the society. One of the specials is having a magic show to Ebenezer School (心光盲人院暨學校).

Louis wishes that people with visual impairment can also enjoy the show.

Louis starts to learn magic by reading books, watch online magic tutorial and buy some props in magic shops. “I didn’t have any teachers in my magician life, it is better for me as I love to decide what I wish to do. Through the selflearning, I learn how to arrange a well management on me and choose my right career path.

As usual, everyone wished having a great beginning of 2020 when 2019 was passed. Louis also has many huge plans ready to be executed. However, when Louis came back in February after finishing a great show in China and Las Vegas, the COVID-19 broke out. City was locked down. With the social distance, no one wishes to go out. Louis and his team has stopped all their works.

“At the beginning of the pandemics, we thought that it was just like SARS that everything will be alright soon. But hopelessly the out-come is not tally with our thinking.” After few months, Louis has spotted that some magicians of other countries have launched virtual shows to their audience. So one word appeared inside Louis’s head: Transformation.

“Not just I, the whole world is finding a way to transform the recent situation. From now to the future, digital is the major trend to propose your value. I would like to try preparing some online courses instead of performance show to have a breakthrough, not just for the pandemics.

Louis also found that self-media is quite trendy in these few years, people all can perform their talent in media like live steam and YouTube. “Why not just let it be a little break while everything is stopped. Try to equip yourself. My team and I also will brainstorm so many new magic and do some digital marketing like post our new magic to our online media. Don’t lose your faith during the pandemics.”

“I have some message to our teenagers,” Louis said. “Due to the COVID-19, new normal is happening in our life. We need to change our mind and explore a new path to go on. Although we would not gain too many at the beginning, we still cannot give up. Try to insist on what your goal is and execute it.

Memorable Performance

Louis has done a lot of great show in his career, he especially mentioned two of his performances are unforgettable.

One was happening in his magic world tour in Las Vegas. “Las Vegas is my dream place to have performance. My idol, David Copperfield, was there too. My show was at The Cosmopolitan Hotel, and it was exciting that you can see Celine Dion concert is opposite to you, and Britney Spears concert is next to your place too. It is amazing and feels sense of success that you can do a show with them at the same time.”

The second is being a performance guest in the Chinese New Year Eve television show (春晚) in mainland. “You may imagine that behind the camera there is about 4 billion audience watching your live magic show. You need to prepare well and do it carefully to avoid any mistake or goofs that can destory your career.”