Challenging but Fruitful – Message from President Emma Yu (只備英文版本)

The journey of presidency is full of challenges, full of uncertainties, yet full of fruitfulness. Unarguably, 2022 is another difficult year with the 5th wave of pandemic hitting Hong Kong at the beinning of the year. Countless challenges were encountered; Countless decisions had to be made. Nonetheless, JCI Lantau continue to progress and become a better and greater chapter. Some of the members asked me how I was able to make JCI Lantau a better chapter this year. Here I would like to share the three essential ingredients:

100% of courage; the courage to promise and the courage to undertake.

200% of perseverance; insist on achieving every goal, even if it is not perfect.

300% of team spirit; this brand new team of directors was only formed in October last year. It is not easy to set goals and plan for projects for the whole year within a short period. Meanwhile, most of the board of directors have joined the chapter for less than one year, with little experience in JCI. However, having the same goal to “Do Well and Do Good”, our team is able to join hands to overcome challenges, learn quickly and devote ourselves to deliver high quality projects that even exceed our expectations at the beginning of the year.

Winning the award is just the result. Throughout the year, I had been nervous, I had been cheerful, I had been congratulated and comforted with each other. The memories of all these are more precious than anything and everything.

Awards received by JCI Lantau in the 57th Annual General Conference include:

Chapter Awards:

– Outstanding Progressive LOM Award

– Best New Project (Merit) – “Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition 

Outstanding Progressive LOM Award
Best New Project (Merit) – “Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition 

Individual Awards:

– NMDC Active Member Framework

Charlotte Lam              LV 1

Ho Tsz Wai                  LV 2

Kathy Choi                   LV 1

Sam Chan                    LV 1

Victor Pang                  LV 2

– Appreciation to NC Award Judge: PE Noah Ho

– Bronze Networker (Summer Season): P Emma Yu

Active Membership Framework

Last but not least, our SDG Pioneers proceeded to the final round and will present in the World Congress!

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all members of JCI Lantau for granting me the opportunity to lead our beloved Chapter in 2022 with my Board of Directors. “Do Well. Do Good”, is not only the slogan of 2022 – a theme that exemplifies the spirit of growing members yourself, but also a mindset that how JCI Lantau serves our community. My heartiest thanks to my beloved 2022 Board of Directors for always being by my side, supporting each other and making our targets and dreams come true.

Group photo during National Convention

In addition, whether inside or outside the chapter, every word of encouragement and expectation have given me energy to overcome every difficulty. Thank you all for making Lantau 2022 together, and creating one beautiful moment after another.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thank you to Presidential Advisors Past National President Senator Spencer Li, Chapter President Senator Boris Kam, Past President Senator Vincent Chung, Past President Senator Brian Woo, Immediate Past President Gary Cheong and all Past Presidents for their generous support, continuous contribution and valuable insights. Their advice and support taught me how to be a better leader and guided me through challenges. This year would not be successful without you all.

Group photo after announcement of award

Heartfelt thanks to my beloved 2022 Board of Directors, Officers, Project Chairmen and Project Organizing Committee for accompanying me during this challenging yet rewarding journey and unconditionally contributing your efforts and time towards the advancement of the Chapter. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have embarked on a new journey for the Chapter this year, it truly is one of the most unforgettable moments I had in JCI Lantau.

JCI Lantau is full of talents and full of potential. I strongly believe JCI Lantau will be doing better and being greater in the coming years.

We are Lantau Family


Best Regards

Emma Yu


JCI Lantau