SDG Pioneer Program 2021 – SDG Pioneer Summit (只備英文版本)

SDG Pioneer Program 2021 came to an end with our Finale, SDG Pioneer Summit successfully held on 13 November, 2021 (Sat). We are pleased that 9 teams of pioneers entered the final stage. In 2021, our SDG Pioneers, driven by the vision of “creating shared value (CSV)”, have made every effort in making project plans that create a win-win situation for the public and businesses under RISE (Rebuild, Invest, Sustain and Evolve). They performed well and here comes the award winners:

Most Outstanding SDG Pioneer:
● Champion: Jackie Yeung (JCI City Lady)
● 1st Runner-up: Cherry Lok (JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes)
● 2nd Runner-up: Mandy Law (JCI Lion Rock)

Most Sustainable Idea:
● Champion: Recycling of Single Use Face Mask in HK by Jackie Yeung (JCI City Lady)
● 1st Runner-up: All About Carer in HK by Priscilla Tso (JCI Peninsula)
● 2nd Runner-up: Youth Relift 2021-Generation ADHD by Dixon Kwok (JCI Dragon)

Thank you 13 participating NOM. Without their active engagement, this collaboration would not be successful and fruitful. Thank you the National Sustainable Development team, which includes National Executive Vice President Senator Naomi Chan, and National Sustainable Development Officers Jason Yuen, Kelcie Wong, Tom Chan and Willie Mok for the persistent hard work. Last but not least, we are grateful for the tremendous support and facilitation of National President Senator Winnie Yeung, the National Board and Chapter Presidents, who made the whole program successful.

NGLCD Kenneth Yu was invited to teach SDG Pioneers pitching skills to prepare for the Summit.

1. NP Winnie Yeung giving her opening remarks.
2. Thank you to our Main Judges Ms Bonnie Liao from Social Enterprise Research Academy and Mr Teddy Liu from Hong Kong Management Association for giving comments to SDG Pioneers.
3. Thank you to our Guest Speakers, Mr Beniam Gebrezghi from UNDP (for being our Main Judge at the same time), and JCI SG Kevin Hin.
4,5. SDG Pioneers were being interviewed by Main Judges.
6. Each Qualified SDG Pioneers received a pin with a SDG Wheel.