“The Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition: Charm yourselves with its beauty (只備英文版本)

The Lung of Hong Kong

Lantau Island, the largest outlying island in Hong Kong, almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island. There is no doubt that the island has a variety of distinct characteristics.

Lantau Island is beautifully set up as one of the best tourist islands in Asia. An amazing setting where new and old attractions come together, includes villages such as Mui Wo and Tai O, and the new town of Tung Chung. The excitement never ends on Lantau with the fascinating views and cultural places where you can always witness the magnificent views.

Lantau Island, also known as the “lung of Hong Kong”, is enriched with rich biodiversity and species of animals and plants. Interesting species like Romer’s Tree Frog, the smallest frog recorded in Hong Kong with a size of approximately 1.5cm, and Horseshoe Crab, an ancient animal, often referred to as “living fossils”. All of them are full of conservation value.

Take a Break and Think, Problems Should Never Be Neglected

This delicate biological treasure took nature millions of years to develop, however, it only takes a few decades to destroy. According to the latest statistics from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, only 37 Chinese white dolphins remain in Hong Kong, and the sighting rate of the dolphin has dropped to a record low.

Apart from the disturbance of animal habitats, 91 cases of environmental vandalism were recorded in 2021 in Lantau Area where 12.67 Hectares of area were involved, which was indicated by the Sustainable Lantau Office website.

The heritage buildings, traditions, rich biodiversity and beautiful scenes should never be forgotten. The existing problems should never be neglected.

Do Well Do Good: The Sustainable Lantau !

To raise public awareness on Lantau Island, not only its environment, but also its culture and history, this year, JCI Lantau is organizing its 2022 flagship project, “ The Sustainable Lantau” Photo Exhibition. By gathering our dedications, we show the world the precious value and beauty of Lantau through photography.

The project would last for 4 months from May to August 2022. Apart from the photo exhibition, a wide range of activities will be provided to encourage the public to protect the environment as well as enhancing individual skills!

May 【 Opening Ceremony cum Lantau Culture Tour】

An opening ceremony will be held at Tung Chung Community Liaison Centre, guests will be invited to kick start the project. An exciting Lantau Culture Tour will be carried out shortly after the opening and allow the participants to experience the exotic Lantau culture.

May【 Photography Workshop 】

An introductory photography workshop will be held for beginners, who are interested in taking their photography skills to a new level and learning more about the technical and creative possibilities of their digital camera.

June【 Lantau Eco Night Tour 】

To become better acquainted with Lantau and its rich biodiversity, an Eco-tour is the best practice. It will be an interesting but educative experience for participants to learn.

May – July【 Photo Submission 】

Photo submission will begin from May till July 2022, the public and photographers are encouraged to take part! The submission will be divided into different groups: Student Group, Open Group and Mobile Group. 30 photos will be selected by professional judges for the photo exhibition.

August【 Photo Exhibition cum Closing Ceremony】

The project highlight, Photo Exhibition cum Closing Ceremony, will be held in August. It welcomes all JC members and the general public to join. The 30 photos selected by the judges will be demonstrated at the exhibition area over the weekend. A closing ceremony will be carried out before the end of the exhibition.

To do well by doing good, please step out and join us!