JCI Queensway Fundraising 2022 – JCI Queensway Teddy Bear (只備英文版本)

It’s time for our annual fundraising! It’s Teddy Bear.Do you know the story about Teddy Bear?Teddy bear has a long history – If you choose to go by the legend, the American President Theodore Roosevelt who was also known as Teddy was account for Teddy Bear the cuddly toy’s name. This honor was bestowed upon him after an incident of bear hunting trip. His colleagues hanged a “black bear” on a tree for Teddy to hunt, however, Teddy was not willing to kill the little and lovely bear. It was founded out that the “black bear” was a toy.
Since the presence of the toy bear at the trip, teddy bears have rapidly gained popularity among children. Teddy bears represented the empathy and compassion of the President and Teddy bears are well-known to be the first soft and fun playfellows of children, acting like the parent to the children with love and comfort.

Teddy Bear symbolizes human inspiration and love. It is said that a teddy bear is usually placed in German ambulance as a gift to children who have to take an ambulance. In Europe, the United States and all over the world, children like teddy bears very much and many people grow up with teddy bears.

And “Teddy Bear” also shines in many stories, illuminating childlike innocence, accompanying and symbolizing the growth of many people.
This time, JCI Queensway is represented by the Teddy Bear with 38th anniversary shirt.

“The real starting point of life is to leave your comfort zone.” Many people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone because they are afraid that they will be confused by unknowns. They are afraid of hitting a nail and tasting failure, but in fact, these are all necessary processes to break through.

The Teddy Bears who are used to accompany a person from a child to a grown-up get along with us to grow and glow this year. Whether you are going through the process of learning, growing, or sharing, we have always been with you, so that you can get more inspiration in each process. With unlimited potential, encouragement and encouragement, all of us can step out of our comfort zone, and turn it into motivation, be the change, and just like this year’s JCI Queensway philosophy “Grow To Gather, Glow Together”, as well as embracing challenges together. and shine together. Let’s meet a better self!

Do you want to take them home right away?
JCI Queensway Teddy Bear is ready for YOU!

Two sizes are available:Big one (H:25cm)
Small one (H:18cm)

Welcome orders!
HK$200 for 1 small Teddy Bear
HK$350 for 2 small Teddy Bear
HK$500 for 1 BIG Teddy Bear

Payment method and details:
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We’re proud to grow and glow with teddy bears.

Member of JCI Queensway
“I love teddy bear so much. I used to have my teddy bear sleep with me. I can’t wait to have another teddy bear with me” Tiffany (JCI Queensway member) said.

“This teddy bear symbolises JCI Queensway. It’s about encouragement, braveness and ambition. I am going to achieve my dream with teddy bear.” Jesty (President of JCI Queensway) commented.

“Teddy bear was my soft toy and it comforted and soothed me in all the darkness” Joey (Vice president of JCI Queensway) said.

“I want to order two BIG teddy bears !!!” Liz (Director of JCI Queensway) said.

“The teddy bear always reminds me how pure and cute our members are, we will unite together to build a better JCI Queensway.” Lucy (Immediate Past President of JCI Queensway) said.