Victorian- One Step Forward!

It is time for us to take one step forward, to engage ourselves more deeply, to inspire and motivate more people to join JC movement, to create opportunities of upward mobility and involvement in international affairs to the youths in our beloved community. To achieve our team’s vision, there is a plan of change, a change that will take us one step forward

JCI Victoria, in 2023, focuses on five major areas, homelessness in our community, intergenerational harmony, economic recovery in line with the directive of JCI Rise, SDGs and youth exchange on an international level. In order to continue our journey to take one step forward in the aforementioned areas, we will organize five flagship projects, respectively, Angel’s Gift, Youth in Elderly Concert, innoBrand, SDG Enterprise Awards and International Biodiversity Conservation Summit.

One Step Forward, the motto of our team, which through the development of five areas above, we will lead our members on the path to serve our community for a better future. At the same time, JCI is an incubator for future leaders, and our members will learn the true meaning and skills of being a leader, a leader of a better community, a better Hong Kong, a better world.

International Biodiversity Conservation Summit 2023

JCI as an International Organization- Biodiversity conservation and the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals should transcend geographical and political boundaries.


  • To raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation globally;
  • To look at conservation problems and solutions through the lens of the younger generation.
  • To promote biodiversity conservation effort from Hong Kong to international level.

SDG Enterprise Awards 2023


  • To be the bridge between the general public and 17 SDGs.
  • To raise public awareness on the importance of SDGs among the general public and encourage public to apply SDGs in daily lives.
  • To act as the bridge to bring different stakeholders together, where we can promote the SDGs as one and bring the matter under the spotlight.
  • To appreciate efforts and contributions of companies to SDGs

New Elements of 2023

  • Kick off ceremony
  • Application Workshop
  • Briefing section
  • dialogue with judges
  • SDG Seminar
  • Business Matching Section
  • SDG game to enterprises
  • Set up of Awardees Club

innoBrand- ResPET Campaign

Asia’s Growing Animal Love Affair Prompts Rise of Premium Pet Sector

In Hong Kong, research by the Veterinary Surgeons Board suggests pet ownership has increased 72% between 2006 and 2016, with the number of pets expected to reach 545,600 in 2019. Revenue from pet‑food sales in the city was expected to rise to HK$1.1 billion in 2018.

This year, the innoBrand Team would take “ResPET” as our theme, promoting respecting pets and animals right through workshops and a Pet Market letting the society and kids to have a in depth understanding of how business are doing in protecting animals right, while improving PET Friendly Brands.

the ResPET Market

  • Venue: The Mills (Tsuen Wan)
  • Targets: 100 exhibitors
  • Provide a platform for pet sector companies to promote their products or services
  • Educate the importance of respect PETS


Between 2019-2022, there was a 22% increase in the number of registered street sleepers – up to around 1,500.

Yet, an agreement among non-profit organizations serving this community is that the actual number is far higher.


  • Basic protection. We believe that everyone has the right to have food and basic necessities
  • Building trust. We make connections with those in need.
  • Inclusion. We educate the community of Hong Kong to have better understanding of the homeless

第三十四屆祖父母節 長幼共融音樂會

香港正面對人口老化,預計到了 2031 年,長者的人口將增至 230 萬人,佔全港人口的比例達到 25%,即每 4 人便有 1 位是長者。長者要有一個豐盛的晚年,不但要有健康的體魄及適當的社會保障,更需要充份參與社會的機會,以 應付各種老人問題,如人際關係上,感到是家人及社會的負累,或者感到遭受家人及社會遺棄而做成與人溝通上的障礙問題等。

為長者建設合適的生活環境,需要多方面的努力和跨界別合作,除了社會服務界致力推動社會關懷長者之外,更需要政府部門、公共事業機構、工商機構及各階層人士共同努力,把關懷長者的訊息傳至每一角落,發揮「長幼一家」的精神。有鑑於此,維多利亞青年商會由一九九零年起,選定每年十月第二個星期日為「祖父母節」,希望透過舉辦一連串的活動,提倡「敬老護老」及推動 和諧家庭樂的社會風氣,配合香港政府倡導「老有所養、老有所屬、老有所為」的安老政策。



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