[JCI Kowloon] Business Affairs Flagship Project – Business to the Power N

JCI Kowloon

JCI Kowloon was established in 1965 and is the second most senior chapter among the 20 chapters of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. We aim to provide development opportunities for young people to learn from the 3 JC paths: Project Management, Chapter Management and Training, so as to create positive changes to themselves and to the community.

JCI Kowloon slogan “Keep In Faith” in 2022, Keep the faith and to do what you believe in. Faith gives us purpose and a meaningful life. Keep chasing what you believe in. We aim to encourage our members to remember why we join JCI.

Business Affairs Flagship Project – Business to the Power N

“Business to the Power N” is a Business Affairs Flagship Project. It aims at providing a platform for new entrepreneurs to strengthen their knowledge of market updates and business networking since 2018. It provides a pioneering business platform to new entrepreneurs and aims to foster entrepreneurship and market intelligence. In the past few years, we have organized workshops, business gathering, press conference and mainland tour to provide the markets updates to the entrepreneurs. They learned how to operate their company better,bigger and had the opportunity to explore the development in Mainland China or even out of Hong Kong(globalized)  and build up their network.

Ride on the Development

Since E-commerce is the worldwide new trend within these years,

·    To exhibit the different fields of E-commerce  

·    To hold a lecture about E-commerce and share the expertise experience

To invite different fields of E-commerce owners to join the expo, to expand the start-up business owner to know more about E-commerce could help them build up their business. At the same time , to enhance the business connection with JCI Kowloon.

We cooperate with enterprises  for exposure to more business opportunities through this Expo.


– 36 Technology – House tour with VR 

-VIMOS – about API, how to execute the business account via whatsapp

-Art Vacation – Painting in METAVERSE

-MIC E-COMMERCE CONSULTING LIMITED – How to execute the huge amount of data base

-WJH Health- Execute and transport the medicine into China and out of Hong Kong .

We launched an E-commerce Expo at Science Park , cooperating with different E-commerce companies.To deliver the new style business strategy to start-up business and developing enterprises. At the Expo, guests shared their successful stories of start up business from expertise. To enhance knowledge and skills related to start up business or new business models and guests were set up booths to experience and to consult for audiences. At the same time, explore the business connection for them.

In this event, it is a very meaningful exhibition for participants, organizers, our members, and exhibitors.

First, for the participants, they can learn about the development trend of e-commerce by contacting different exhibitors. In daily life, it is difficult for participants to get in touch with professional e-commerce professionals. Through these activities, participants can learn about the development trend of e-commerce through professional explanations. And through this event, it can provide a platform for participants to experience and communicate with exhibitors at close range.

Next about the organizers and our members, this event can help to explore more connections with these exhibitors. Allow our members to have the opportunity to connect the new trends in e-commerce, so as to understand the value of JCI. The organizer can cooperate with the exhibitors to promote each other to increase the popularity, to achieve a win-win situation. It is very beneficial to the development of the organization, also for JCI Kowloon.

In addition, for exhibitors, the most important thing is to let the public knows about their products, so they need more platforms to promote their products and services. At this event, they were able to attract more people to know about their services through the publicity capabilities of the organizers. And also they can use low-cost access to precise customers. Through face-to-face interaction, it can help to harmonious customer relationships and close-up teaching customers to try products and experience services. It is better to display the corporate image and strength, and show the competitive advantage.

Business to the Power N aims to Boost the youth entrepreneurship, to provide a platform for new entrepreneurs to strengthen their knowledge of market updates and business networking.