JCI Tsuen Wan Flagship Project – Outstanding Enterprise Heritage Selection

“Family business is the oldest and common model of economic organization.”

Alfredo De Massis; Pramodita Sharma; Jess

H. Chua; James J. Chrisman (2012)

Introduction of organiser, JCI Tsuen Wan

JCI Tsuen Wan was established in 2013 and it is the second youngest affiliated chapter among the 21 chapters of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. We aim to provide development opportunities for young people to learn from 4 JC areas:

  • Community Development
  • Leadership Development
  • International Affairs
  • Business Affairs

Members in JCI Tsuen Wan include students, entrepreneurs, professionals and executives. Over the years, we have organized and launched a number impactful projects including but not limited to Children’s Play rights, Outstanding Family Business Selection, Nothing but Coffee etc. Through the unique platform of “learning by doing” offered by Junior Chamber International, our members not only grow but also expand their network either Business or personally.


OEHS Poster

Outstanding Enterprise Heritage Selection (OEHS), previously named Outstanding Family Business selection (OFBS), has been one of the flagship projects organised by JCI Tsuen Wan since 2014 under one of our JC area, Business Affairs. The objective of the project aims to 

  • To give recognition to heritage business who achieved outstanding performance with management succession through generations
  • To encourage adoption of practical and effective planning or strategy to ensure successful succession of business by next generation
  • To encourage heritage business to develop future leaders for the benefit of not only the business itself, but also the related business field and the community as a whole
  • To inspire heritage business to introduce innovation and creative elements for the business

This year being the ninth year, we continued the spirit of the selection to commend enterprises with outstanding performance in Hong Kong.

In the past years, we selected no more than 10 winners each year to encourage new generation entrepreneurs with outstanding performance in Hong Kong, encourage business innovation, and build continuity and long-term management culture to win the prize.

2020 awardee 中大中鳴(香港)有限公司

Our past awardees from the past are followed:

Outstanding Family Business Award
Chuan Chiong Co., Ltd.
Outstanding Family Business Award
Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd
Outstanding Family Business Award
Outstanding Family Business Award
Outstanding Family Business Award
Progressive Family Business Award
Tin Lee Medicine International Limited
Progressive Family Business Award
Tat Shing Cleaning Service Company
Outstanding Family Business Award
Outstanding Family Business Award
Progressive Family Business Award
Progressive Family Business Award
Outstanding Family Business Award
Tai Po Chun Hing Ltd.
Progressive Family Business Award
Universal Jewellery Co. Ltd.
Outstanding Family Business Award
Joinmax (H.K.) Limited
Outstanding Family Business Award
German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited
Outstanding Family Business Award
Wing Fok Funeral Home
Progressive Family Business Award
未來照明有限公司 / Impression Lighting Limited
Future Lighting Collection Limited
Progressive Family Business Award
Chung Bem Food Co. Limited
Outstanding Family Business Award
冠華食品有限公司 Koon Wah Food Limited
Outstanding Family Business Award
窗簾城 Curtain City Limited
Progressive Family Business Award
帝鋒金融集團 Emperio Group
Interview with 2015 awardee Jeff Law of 新佛香食品有限公司

Innovation and Sustainability – Key to Success of Enterprise Heritage

Hong Kong’s market is dominant with Small and Medium Enterprises. Enterprise Heritage has become a key to the course of businesses. The key point to its success, as defined in our OEHS selection criteria, is the ability to create value by innovative business ideas and the ability for the business to pass on and grow throughout generations while maintaining the company’s tradition. 

Innovation – The ability to establish new business models and plan in an innovative way to improve and value-add to the services and products while considering their previous business experience passed on from a long-term view.

Sustainability – The capability of an enterprise to pass on to the next generation without diminishing the business tradition and attitude to elevate the business performance and the management, whether systematically or informally. At the same time, maintaining sustainable attitudes to risk and concentrated decision-making.

Invariably, the first generation’s wish starts the business to see the company grow and develop with flying colours in the future. In reality, some companies fail to maintain satisfactory performance when the management role is passed to the second generation later. In contrast, some businesses continue to rocket and expand to an international-renowned level with a succession of enterprise management generations.

We believe that enterprise success lies in its ability to be innovative and sustainable, transcending the business value and tradition to a new level in the future with continuous effort. By holding the OEHS, we hope to continuously recognise enterprises with outstanding achievements and celebrate the success of innovative and sustainable businesses.

2019 awardee Pius Chan of 大埔振興有限公司

JCI RISE initiative and SDG Goals

Economic Recovery

Refer to a statistic, the Hong Kong top 15 heritage business-controlled assets worth 84% GDP in 2015. As a frontier of JCI RISE initiative for JCI Tsuen Wan, our project Outstanding Enterprise Heritage business encourage the sustainability of the generation’s enterprise can be continued.

Our project had reached the sustainable development goals of United Nation, which are: – 

No. 8 – Decent work and economic growth

As the Hong Kong economy is suffered from the pandemic to recover, we are seeing slower growth, widening inequities, and not enough jobs to keep up with a growing labour force. According to South China Morning post, Hong Kong’s unemployment rate for the three months ending in January held 3.9%

The SDGs promote sustained economic growth, higher levels of productivity and technological innovation. Encouraging entrepreneurship and job creation are key to this which is conscience with our project’s aim where our project have these objectives.

No. 17 – Partnership for the goal  

The SDGs can only be realized with strong partnerships and cooperation. The interconnected with other organisations is an important way to share ideas and foster innovation. To fight the pandemic, OEHS 2022 had found 5 sponsor and 18 supporting Organisation which included but not limited to:

  • Dreams Lab
  • UAT
  • 壹品豆漿
  • 萬希泉 MEM Origin
  • 八方集團 Platform Group
  • HKGCC 香港總商會
  • FHKI 香港工業總會
  • 香港中小型企業聯合會 Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association

Standing strong together, we encourage Heritage business to step forward to fight Covid-19 together and share many businesses successful experience and inspiring stories in our workshop and award presentation.